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10 Movies That Are So Bad, They’re Good

Hollywood has most recently been given a bad reputation for producing run of the mill romantic comedies, horror movies that are more funny than scary and poorly made sci-fi thrillers. While yes, all of this may be true (sorry!), there are some films that have crossed the line of being so awfully hilarious, so badly edited and a complete waste of time… that they end up being some of your favourite movies ever. Here’s a list of the dumbest, most ridiculous movies that make the world a little brighter.


This flick not only features the fabulous JoJo (“Too Little Too Late” never gets old in my books), but it portrays true friendship in amidst the pretty amateur acting. My favourite part of the movie is how they swap out curse words for “under the sea” jargon – ex. In one scene, Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) yells “Oh, blowfish!” instead of BS. What a clever way to sneak in a little profanity there, eh?


2. Employee of the Month

Every single time I watch this movie I die laughing. Seriously. You’ve got Dane Cook and Dax Sheppard, both of which are surprisingly charming, Jessica Simpson, in her post Nick Lachay days, and Pablo from Napoleon Dynamite. What more could you ask for in a terrific/terrible flick? This film goes for the mutter-under-your-breath kind of jokes that you have to really pay attention to catch the hilarity. But once you do, I won’t blame you if you start quoting the scenes in every conversation you have.

employee of the month3. The Clique

If you were anything like me in elementary school, you wanted to be exactly like Massie Block. Lisi Harrison created a successful book series that can be compared to a Gossip Girl kind of feel, but with less cat fighting and way less promiscuity. The movie casted girls who were pretty new to the industry, and unfortunately because of this, the acting was far below decent. Terrible acting aside, this movie follows the book pretty well, so for all you Pretty Committee fans out there (including me!), give this one a watch.

the clique

4. New York Minute

Before Mary Kate and Ashley became fashion icons, they were known for making young teen movies that were never taken seriously. And there’s good reason for that. Although New York Minute plays on your heartstrings for a tenth of a second at the very end, this film just goes to show that MK and Ashley Olsen should probably stick to the fashion industry. However, this movie brings back my childhood, so no complaining here!

new york minute

5. Just My Luck

Ahh, Lindsey Lohan. Always a treat. I remember watching this movie for the first time and I was mesmerized by the fact that I didn’t know that people who couldn’t act could star in films.  However, Ms. Lohan. Lindsey stars in this movie with Chris Pine, so there is a bit of eye candy within the average written script. The movie is filmed in New York City, which is a reason enough for me to watch again and again.

just my luck

6. The Hot Chick

I have to admit something… this movie isn’t even bad! It’s actually really hilarious! Here’s the plot: Rob Schneider and a very young Rachel McAdams switch bodies (think Freaky Friday). If that’s not enough to grab your attention, I don’t know what is. The humor in this movie is so crass and plays on teenage stereotypes perfectly. Oh, Anna Farris is McAdams best friend. This movie gets a bad rap because of Rob Schneider and his comic relief roles, but trust me, this one will have you real-time ROFL.

the hot chick

7. Holiday in the Sun

Another Olsen twin movie! I’m telling you, there’s something about these sisters that calculates into a horrifically good bad movie. Here’s a personal synopsis for you: a typical Mary Kate and Ashley film where they go on a family vacation filled with semi-attractive boys and a mystery that they are actually able to solve. On a good note, the twins rock some pretty adorable bikinis.

holiday in the sun

8. My Super Sweet Sixteen

I’ve never really watched the MTV series My Super Sweet Sixteen (for those of you who aren’t familiar either, it’s basically a television series that lasted a few seasons that surround the most spoiled rotten, bratty fifteen year olds who throw huge fits over the fact that they were promised a $2500 cake, NOT a $1800 one!!!!! Mom!!!!!). The movie stars AJ and Aly Michalka, and I have to give major props to Aly Michalka, who can act one zillion times better than her baby sis.

my super sweet sixteen

9. The Perfect Man

A film with Hilary Duff! And Mr. Big plays her best friend’s cool uncle! This one is a guilty pleasure for two reasons: 1) I fell in love with the easy going, almost rustic vibe of the girls’ apartment and lifestyle and 2) this movie is a major catfish situation. Hilary basically pretends to be her mother (in a non creepy way, I promise). Give this one a shot if you’re looking for a cutesy feel good movie.

the perfect man

10. Sky High

I am actually laughing while I write this one, simply because this movie is so incredibly, terribly, awfully bad. Bad as in the acting, the dialogue, the camera movement… every single aspect of this film is truly comical, and not in a good way. BUT, this one is great for kids, and for those wanting to remain one. It’s humor is so non-funny that you laugh because the jokes were that bad. You know the kind I’m talking about. The fake laugh turning into a real one? This is the film for you.

sky high


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