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10 Signs That Give You Away As An Unpunctual Person

The topic of punctuality is one that is commonly discussed by our parents, mentors and employers. Though most of us assume that it is an easy skill to master, many of us still fail to be punctual. In fact, tardiness is a great struggle for students and young professional women seeking new experience and job opportunities. Oftentimes, people make it to the meetings just in time, but in the most unflattering manner possible.

Do you pride yourself in your ability to always make it on time even in your most doubtful moments? You may think you fooled everyone into believing that you’re a punctual person, but your shaky voice, messy hair and clothing indicate otherwise. You may have thought to have left your house looking like a million bucks, but by the time you arrived to the meeting “on time”, the rest of the meeting attendees realized you’ve been running a marathon just to get there. “How?” you may wonder. Well, here are the 10 signs that indicate you’re an unpunctual person:

1. Sore Feet

Whether you’ve been hopping from one bus to another, or trying to catch the last train, you’ve been running so fast to get to your destination that you can’t even feel the pain in your feet. You’re in a rush to make it on time for your big meeting, but as soon as you get a chance to rest, you’ll immediately feel the soreness of your feet. After all, heels are not meant for running. Next time, leave your house a bit earlier so you can avoid walking into a meeting with blisters all over your toes.shutterstock_93860986

2. Messy Hair

You were in such a rush to step out of the shower that you completely forget to apply conditioner to your hair. Now that you’re out, you don’t have enough time to deal with the many knots in your damp hair, leaving you with possibly one solution: gel or coconut oil to quickly smoothen out your freshly washed hair. Unfortunately, this will result in oily hair during the race to your destination, leaving you with oily and uncombed hair. Remind me again, why did you take a shower exactly?Messy-Hair

3. Oily Face

Before you know it, youll arrive at the meeting with a gigantic zit, one that can be recognized as a new planet. Ironic, isnt it? You rarely get any zits, and the one time you have to make it at an important event or meeting, your skin decides to screw you over. At least now you know the cause of acne, so you can take preventative action to maintain baby smooth skin. 

Young woman with shiny face, close up

4. Messy Makeup

Once again, the sweat caused by your big hurry messes up your makeup. All your hard work has gone to waste. The one time you did your makeup without any flaws, and the sweat dripping off of your forehead ruined everything. Now, you look like Joker and didn’t even have a chance to check yourself in the mirror. This is not good.smudgedeyemakeup

5. Sweat Stains

Need I say more? I mean really, it all comes down to sweat. It’s an unflattering look that results from a continuous cycle: you glance at the clock, you panic, you’re in a hurry to dress up and put on your make up, you run to get to your destination, and, inevitably, become a victim of large sweat stains. If you prepared a bit sooner, you wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassment of walking into a meeting or job interview with those sweat patches in your armpit. Not only is it not appealing to the eye, but it also just ruined your “interview” blouse.article-0-0C16E1F5000005DC-998_468x370

6. Lost Fragrance Scent

Not only are you now dealing with messy hair, oily make up, and sweat, but you’re perfume is starting to wear off as well. This makes sense, since you’ve been so busy rushing to get dressed and making it on time to your destination. Personally, I can do just fine going outside make-up free, but entering a meeting or big event without my favourite scent will make me feel, well, naked.

Purple perfume

7. Always Making Excuses

When youre not thinking about your sweaty and panting self, you spend your entire commute to your destination coming up with a good excuse for being late. The only problem is that youve already used most of your go-to excuses because youve never managed to break this bad habit of yours. Maybe if you just show up on time, you wouldn’t have to get as creative with your excuses.08282012_Article

8. You’re Always the Last Person to Arrive

Once you enter the room, all eyes are on you, and not in a good way. Even if you make it exactly on the dot, you are still considered late. It’s always best to arrive 10-15 minutes before everyone else. This way your employer will believe that you’re excited and well-prepared for the meeting.

Mahatma Gandi attends an Indian Round table conference held at St,James palace, London, 14th September 1931, Photo shows: (right to left starting with white robed figure from right) The Paudit Malaviya, Mahatma Gandi, Lord Sankey, Lord Reading, Lord Peel and Sir Samuel Hoare (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

9. You Forgot Your Notes

You were in such a hurry to make it on time, and so occupied with the thought of everything else, that you didn’t even bring your meeting notes. So, you’ve made it on time, but now you have to go through the entire meeting looking extremely confused, as you try to participate in as few discussions while making as little eye contact with other attendees and dodging as many questions as possible. Where you must speak, you simply improvise.

10. You Need to Run to the Lady’s Room

You’re so anxious about the meeting that you can’t seem to control your bladder. You purposely didn’t drink any liquids before going to the meeting, but it seems your nerves have done it again. For the rest of the meeting, you’re thinking of a way to excuse yourself and run to the nearest washroom, too bad you can’t. If there was ever a need to stop time, it would definitely be now.

Unpunctual people are eventually called out for their frequent tardiness by authority figures. It may not be too long before someone notices it in you. This is the perfect time for you to work on this skill and avoid being criticized for it. Remember, every experience—good or bad—is an important lesson to be learned. You can’t learn how to be punctual if you haven’t experienced tardiness. Don’t concern yourself with your old habit of being late, focus on improving yourself!

One thought on “10 Signs That Give You Away As An Unpunctual Person

  1. Mrs. Jimenez

    Some of these are inevitable. I can be as early as possible to am interview, but if it’s hot outside you better believe you will sweat. This didn’t necessarily mean you are running late. As for peeing necessities, some people have a medical condition that requires them to have to run more often than not. With this said, I think this is subjective in content. A bit more objectivity is necessary for accuracy.


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