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15 Beauty Blogger Accounts That’ll Give You Outfit Of The Day (#OOTD) Inspiration

Writer’s block. Everyone suffers from the frustration of not being able to come up with quality content whether it’s for school or work. You know what’s just as frustrating and quite possibly more common than writer’s block? Not being inspired enough to put together a quality outfit of the day! Yes, Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) blocks are real and quite concerning because not only do you have to figure out what top would look good with a certain bottom, you also have to figure out the right pair of shoes, accessories, and sometimes even makeup. Luckily, there’s a hashtag for that, and even better, tons of Instagram accounts that’ll inspire fashionistas everywhere with just the touch of a finger. Check out these awesome beauty blogger IG accounts for some #OOTD inspirations!

@100flavoursuk“Channeling Your Inner Beyoncé”

This account is definitely one of my favourites because of its versatility. The main theme surrounding the content points towards a more swagged out, Beyoncé kind-of -vibe. So, if you’re feeling like channeling your inner bad bitch, you’ve reached the right place. The reason why I la-la-looovee this account is because this Instagrammer posts outfit inspirations from a huge roster of popular celebrity fashion icons, and their outfits always have a touch of attitude and a good dose of confidence. This account also throws in some makeup and hair inspirations as well!

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@Ootdmagazine – “Where it All Began” 

This Instagram account practically gave birth to the hashtag #OOTD. With an insane amount of followers (2 million!), there’s no doubt this account is the epitome of fashion inspiration. I’ve been following @ootdmagazine since I first joined Instagram, and honestly, it’s definitely one of the reasons why my outfits have become a little more creative. This Instagram account gives you ideas for all occasions—date night, casual day or whatever! And the best part is, they have an online store, so instead of spending the entire time just scrolling through their pictures, you can actually buy their items. Visit to shop.

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@manrepeller – “I Don’t Give a F***” 

Just like its title, this Instagram account’s fashion statement is basically: “I don’t care what you think.” If you want to go big and bold, @manrepeller is the place for your inspiration. What I love about this account is that it takes a more artistic and humorous approach to fashion, and gives me killer ideas for the days when I just feel like standing out and embracing my inner weirdness.

manrepeller, fashion, style, instagram

@camillecharriere – “Men’s Clothes for Women” 

Sometimes, I love shopping in the men’s section at a store because, why not? It broadens your search and you’re left with no restrictions on your style. This account is perfect for inspiration on that feminine-relaxed-men’s look. Don’t get me wrong—you won’t find pictures of women wearing a tux on this account. Instead, you’ll find lots of different ways of wearing a dress shirt for example, while making it look feminine, classy, and elegant. Also, if you’re not a fan of colour, and enjoy wearing styled basics, this account is definitely for you!

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@songofstyle – “Sassy and Playful” 

This Instagram account has one of the best looking feeds I have ever seen! Besides that, this account has as an added bonus: Aimee Song. She’s the owner of this account and she has a playful personality, which she portrays through her sense of style. So, if you love embracing the summer by wearing cute prints and sassy shorts, this account is perfect for that inspiration. What I also love about @songofstyle is that it dives into the details of an outfit, so you would find inspiration on rings, nail polish, sunglasses, and much more.

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@dannijo – “Jewelry Galore” 

Don’t all ladies love their jewellery? This account is basically jewellery porn! You can find a whole spectrum of jewellery statements from subtle, all the way to big and bold! The best part is that you can purchase their unique pieces from their website, I absolutely love how this Instagram account also shows which colour palettes and clothing styles go well with certain jewellery pieces, just in case you’re confused about the style pairings.necklace, jewelry, silver, statement, ootd

@nastygal – “Backpacks with Pizza Slices” 

Some of us are very aware of Nasty Gal’s online store, but how amazing is their Instagram! I take pride in saying that I found the perfect leather jacket from Nasty Gal. Basically, if you’re looking for something unique that you will never find in any normal retail store, Nasty Gal is where you need to explore. I mean, where else will you find an outfit inspiration that consists of a cute, cat-covered crop top paired with a vintage, fringed jacket, and a backpack covered with tiny pepperoni pizza slices?!

nastygal, fashion, ootd, instagram

@melodiejeng – “Concrete Jungle Wear” 

This fashion account embodies one of the most prized fashion styles of 2015: street wear. The setting is in the concrete jungle of New York City, which adds to the flare and attitude of each city- wear outfit. The best part is that every picture doesn’t only show an outfit but it also tells a story, making the style highly relatable. So, if you’re looking for inspiration for an upcoming music festival, you are bound to find an image of a girl rocking an outfit at a music festival on this account.

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@realvintagevirgin – “Vintage Royalty” 

Jessica Virgin, the owner of this account, is what I call vintage royalty on Instagram. Her vintage finds are so eclectic, it works! Her outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and jewellery transport you to another era. This account is perfect for finding what goes well together when you go thrifting. Also, what makes this account great is that Jessica throws in adorable pictures of her baby. I mean, you can never have enough baby pictures!

vintage, thrifting, fashion, style

@thisisashrose – “Embracing Those Curves”

Sometimes, it’s frustrating trying to find fashion inspiration when the models wearing the outfits don’t quite match, or even come close to, your body type. I know I often question whether the ripped boyfriend jeans that Gisele Bundchen wore on her Instagram would even look remotely the same on me. This is why I love @thisisashrose. She embraces her curves and shows how to put together an outfit that would flatter all corners of her beautiful body. Not only am I getting style inspirations, I’m also inspired by her empowered attitude and love for fashion.


@heyitsannabanana – “Mix and Match” 

This stunning mom of two has a strong eye for mixing and matching. Anna Is famous for taking common clothing pieces and styling and pairing them up with other common clothes to create a new style every time. She plays around with layering, colours, prints, and genres! You are most likely to have at least one similar clothing item as her and she shows you a thousand different ways of wearing it!


@zinafashionvibe – “Boho Princess” 

I often turn into the green jealousy monster whenever I see Vanessa Hudgens rock her boho chic style. Boho is quite risqué as it can either fall on extreme sides of the spectrum: either very chic or a floral and fringe trainwreck. Luckily, this Instagram account is here as your saviour to all things boho. Zina can definitely show you the tricks of the trade as she dials into her inner boho princess without being too loud and obnoxious with her style. What I love about this account is that her clothes are subtle and can be styled on a daily basis rather than restricting boho wear to music festivals only!

boho, fashion

@vanessacesario – “Who Needs Colour?” 

I am not a fan of colour. I tend to gravitate towards black and white clothing because it just works with everything and looks sophisticated. That’s why I turn to this Toronto native’s Instagram account. Vanessa is all about black and white and a great deal of crop tops. There’s a strong sense of freshness and elegance to her fashion vibe and her photography is on point! She even displays her choice of shoes, jewellery, purses, sunglasses, and other great accessories to go with the outfits. The best part is that she strips away the reputation of black and white clothing being boring and gives it an edgy persona.

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@hardrocknails – “Nail God” 

Nails are an avid feature of an #OOTD. I love to match my nail colour to the occasion. This account features the work of Toronto’s very own, highly popular nail salon: Hard Rock Nails. It’s hard not to compare this profession with visual art. Each nail design is so intricate and clean cut, it’s mind blowing. You’ll even find nails that change colour under different temperatures of water!

nails, fashion, ootd

@mac_daddyy – “Contouring King”

The right makeup can frame an entire #OOTD, so it’s important not to pair bold eye makeup and a bold lip with a cute summer dress for the beach. The unfortunate part is that makeup is hella tough. I always turn to Angel Merino’s Instagram for help. Makeup artist to the stars, Angel has received the title of contouring king from several celebrities. What I love about his Instagram is that he shows you how to go from subtle to glam and provides you with all of the tools and tricks that you need. And on top of that, he doesn’t use too much product when contouring and makes it look like a piece of cake.

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