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15 Times Someone Did It For The Vine And Immediately Regretted It

1. This guy tried to making jumping in the pool a little more exciting but it ended up being just painful.

2. Helium and fire do not go well together!

3. Poor little guy

4. #CanadianProblems

5. This prank did not go as planned!

6. This prank DID go exactly as planned and it is hilarious.

7. Good thing cats have 9 lives!

8. This is one of those things that seems like a good idea at the time, but is immediately regretted afterwards.

9. Do not try this at home!

10. The best way to entertain yourself in hotel rooms.

11. Putting nylons on your face just makes everything funny.

12. Sometimes cats love lasers a little too much…

13. Don’t worry, she was okay!

14. Anyone else have a crazy dog?

15. Red pandas scare easily!


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