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7 Cheap & Cheerful DIY Projects To Spruce Up Any Dorm Room

Today Is The Day To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

You packed your belongings and moved into the new and exciting world of college over a month ago. Now that the initial anxiety of living on your own has passed, you look around your dorm room and realize the blandness of the walls and the lack of coziness in your space. The many rules and regulations of living on school property limit the possibilities of personalizing your dorm room, but don’t worry—here are seven DIY projects that won’t get you kicked out. And best of all, they can be described by the three words that all college students love to hear: simple, affordable, and easy. Using these decor ideas, home won’t feel so far away after all.

Pompom Blanket

Pom Pom Blanket DIY Projects

Pompoms are a cute way to add personality to any room. Instead of running out to buy a pompom blanket, why not make one yourself? Blankets are not only warm and soft, but they also make great decor. Drape one over a couch or bed to add some accent colour to your dorm. But don’t get too comfy—you don’t have much time to nap when you’re a college student.

Visit HGTV for a full set of instructions on how to make a pompom blanket.

Corkboard World Map

Corkboard Map DIY Projects

The world is your playground. Similar to many other DIY projects, this design can be completely tailored to your liking. Perhaps cut out your favourite country or change up the colour scheme. This project not only adds personality to your room but is also functional. You can pin reminders of that essay due next week—or the party that’s happening over the weekend.

Visit HGTV for a full set of instructions on how to make a corkboard world map.

The Framed Door Frame

Photo Doorframe

Why not “frame” your door frame with photos? Nothing makes a more personal decoration than captured memories. Show your friends and roommates your pet dog or the trip you took over the summer. Don’t have enough photos? No worries. Print out your favourite quotes or draw your own designs to fill up empty space. It’s easy, personal, and trendy.

Visit A Beautiful Mess for a full set of instructions on how to make a framed door frame.

Miniature Dry-erase Boards

Dry Erase Board DIY

Need to leave a note for your roommate? Why not do that by using a custom dry-erase board? This project is much easier and cheaper than it looks. Easily change things up by selecting a different material to your liking. With this eye-catching dry-erase board, you will never have to worry about your roommate accidentally overlooking your notes.

Visit One Good Thing for a full set of instructions on how to make a miniature dry-erase board.

Clothespin Flowerpot

Clothes Pin Potted Plant

Low maintenance houseplants are a great way to literally add life into your dorm room. But why spend money on a flowerpot when you can make one yourself? All you’ll need are some wooden clothespins, glitter, and an empty cup or yogurt container. You can also cut out your own shapes from construction paper or print out photos to place between the clothespins. Not only is this project affordable, but you can also tell your friends, “I made this!”

Visit Goods Home Design for a full set of instructions on how to make a clothespin flowerpot.

Paint Swatch Wall Decor

Paint Chip DIY Wall

Here’s a word that college students love: free. Paint swatches come in many different sizes, layouts, and of course, colours. Use all the colours of the rainbow, or create your own colour scheme. Either way, the layout possibilities are unlimited. Grab a few paint swatches from your local superstore, paint store, or home improvement retailer.

Visit Poppytalk for a full set of instructions on how to create your own paint swatch wall decor.

Ping-Pong Ball Café Lights

DIY Ping Pong String Light

A college dorm room is incomplete without string lights. Take this project as an opportunity to make use of the old ping-pong balls sitting around and the LED Christmas lights you have in storage at home. Whether the lights are colourful or simply white, this project will revamp the ambience of your room. Can’t sleep without a night light? Why not fall asleep under the warm glow of a decor item you made yourself?

Visit BlogLovin’ for a full set of instructions on how to make your own Ping-Pong ball café lights.

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