7 iOS 9 Updates That’ll Have You Loving Your Apple Devices Again

Let’s be real here, we were not happy with iOS 8. It took up tons of space, slowed down our Apple devices and didn’t seem to change too much. Because of this update, some Apple users aren’t jumping at the opportunity to update their phone to the latest operating system but you should! It’s a great update that’s going to change the way you (already) love your phone. Here are 7  life changing updates that you’ll love from iOS 9.

1. Longer Battery Life

Remember how shocked we were to find out that the battery capacity of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s were reduced? Luckily, the new updates claims to have a better battery life efficiency – even for older iPhone models! Apparently, the iPhone 6 will be getting an extra hour of extra use from a charge! That’s a whole extra hour of taking selfies and playing Candy Crush–yes!


2. Power Saving Mode

iOS 9 isn’t just about general battery improvements though, it also finally adds a power saving mode for times when you desperately need to conserve juice. Again Apple uses the example of an iPhone 6, and states this mode will give it an extra three hours of battery life. THREE HOURS! This is no joke.


3. Increased Storage Space

Who else is tired of getting those “Storage Is Full” notifications? I am! That annoying pop up always comes right before I need to take a super important picture, and then I’m scrambling to delete old selfies off my phone (for new ones, obviously).  Previously the install footprint of iOS was approximately 4GB but iOS 9 will squeeze everything down to just 1.3GB – a 3.5x reduction. This means more space for selfies, unnecessary photo edit apps and time killing games. Yay!iphone-storage-almost-full

4. Side-by-Side and Picture-In-Picture Multitasking

This feature is totally cool and new to Apple users, but it’s been around for Android users. The downside is that these features will be for iPads only–and only the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro at that–which is a shame because it would also be useful on the 5.5 inch iPhone 6S Plus. With that said, though, Apple is famous for gradually rolling out features across devices, so iPhone owners shouldn’t be too upset yet.


5. Smarter Siri

Siri is pretty saucy, and I wouldn’t have her any other way, but she’s also getting smarter. Siri on the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will also get “always listening” capabilities (um, yeah, sounds kind of creepy) so users can say ‘Hey Siri’ to trigger requests even with the screen locked. Cleverly, though, this will be voice specific to the owner(s) so iOS devices do not all spring to life if the command is uttered in a public place. Could you imagine, though? Going to a mall and yelling “Hey Siri! Play Taylor Swift” and everyone’s phone goes off–that would make a seriously great vine video.


6. Proactive Assistant

Proactive assistant is Apple’s answer to Android’s popular Google Now service. Like Google Now, Proactive aggregates all the content on your device to proactively show you relevant content before you need it. This could include driving directions based on your daily schedule or calendar entries, flight and tracking information based on emails and more. You can find this page by left from your front screen. It’s pretty neat!


7. New Keyboard

It’s a slight improvement but it comes in handy! Have you ever noticed that your keyboard used to be in all caps? Now it’s all lower case letters unless you cap a letter–then the whole keyboard will turn into caps. It’s a small improvement but it’s better than typing a words like this ALL of the sudden because you accidently hit the arrow button and didn’t even notice until you hit send–been there, done that.


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