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Amanda Moss: Fashion With A Focus

With World MasterCard Fashion Week just around the corner, Faze checked out INLAND. The INLAND Designer Shopping Event was the perfect opportunity to shop directly from Canadian designers and on amanda moss 1September 27 and 28, the avid fashionista had the chance to indulge in all of the different fabrics and styles. If you’re the type who is looking for individualistic style that is on the reasonable side of affordable, a certain designer and her clothing line demands attention—Amanda Moss. Faze had the chance to have a chat with the designer herself to learn more about her brand, inspiration, and process.

This Newfoundland native began designing back in high school and stuck with the creativity of clothing design ever since. “I was in high school pre-internet popularity, so there was very limited shopping. I began customizing vintage stuff and got going that way and then I just went to Montreal and signed up for fashion school and it took off from there,” she says. “The creativity and just waking up and making stuff is just a really great way to spend your time”

Moss makes sure her brand reflects her clear-cut vision with a hint of the eclectic. “I focus on dresses right now but I am potentially going to expand in the future, but for now, really focusing on dresses. Easy to wear, luxurious fabrics, everything is casual luxury so you can wear it to work and then wear it out at night.”

When it comes to choosing certain colours and fabrics, Moss’ process is as distinctive as her style. “It’s the fabric that dictates. I look for beautiful fabric and it just takes shape. I work with very neutral palettes from season to season so there are never any really bright s or prints. I like oversized shapes and neutral colours. And all natural fabrics—so silk, wool, cotton,” she explains.

Wamanda moss 2hat makes the brand, Amanda Moss, unique is Moss’ own strong sense for quality and longevity After all, don’t we all hate buying clothes that don’t satisfy your skin and have a shorter lifespan than a housefly? She hand-picks selected fabrics in order to produce and deliver garments of high quality. “Most of these are from Europe. For me that’s the mandate that it’s good quality because when you’re making stuff domestically,” says Moss, “it’s already more expensive than when you’re making stuff overseas. So if I’m going to charge a customer that price, I also want to make sure that quality is there. It’s got to be the whole package”

As a success in the industry herself, Amanda has advice for all aspiring designers: “It’s not an easy industry. Keep that in mind when you go into it. But definitely don’t give up, because there are lots of different levels of success and you can do it. Anyone can do it. It is really tough, and I think it’s important to know that going in. But anything worthwhile is tough!”

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