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Audrey Whitby: Actress, Singer, Host And Fashionista

Positive, Happy and Spazz-tastic

© Benjo Arwas Photography 2014 // @BENJOARWAS //


At the age of 18, not many of us can say that we’re an actor, singer and host, but Audrey’s resume has that and more. Currently on the new Nickelodeon comedy series, The Thundermans, Audrey plays cheerful and funny Cherry. “She is basically a heightened version of me,” Audrey says.

She has also co-hosted AwesomenessTV’s popular girls’ talk show IMO (In My Opinion). Along the lines of The View, IMO features Audrey and a group of teen girls sitting on a big couch, sharing their opinions on new fashion trends, pop stars and social media, as well as more serious topics such as bullying. Considered the quirky yet relatable co-host of the bunch, Audrey has become a beacon of positivity, not only by sharing advice about maintaining positive energy and confidence, but also by challenging kids to think about spreading kindness.

With so much going on in Audrey’s life, she offers great advice for aspiring actresses: “You have to be focused, work super hard, and have as much confidence in your ability as you can. If you think you are the best person for the role, so will they!”

© Benjo Arwas Photography 2014 // @BENJOARWAS //


“I worship all things Taylor Swift. Her style is my absolute favorite,” Audrey shares. Taylor Swift’s look is put together and preppy yet fun – who wouldn’t want to dress like that? But when T-Swift isn’t enough, Audrey looks at another direction for fashion inspiration, “Like every other woman, I find my fashion inspiration by stalking random girls on Instagram!” Hey, at least she has the guts to admit it! Check out Audrey’s OOTD for her “Festive Fun” look.

Get Her Look - AudreyWhitby

“When picking a music festival outfit, you have to have balance between comfort and cuteness. That’s why I picked the hat, because I promised myself I will NOT get burned this year. Plus, it’s absolutely adorable. When it comes to the shoes, I also almost always wear docs to festivals. They keep your feet protected but are also ultra-stylish. I love the funky colors in this specific pair. I paired the pale pink top with the pink glasses because they complement each other very well. Lastly, the fun-tastic tote bag because where else can you wear such a bright bag?This whole look is very bright and funky because I don’t have the opportunity to wear such fun stuff that often. You know what they say, when in Rome!”

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