Incredibly Beautiful Examples Of Colour Dyed Pink Hair

Post sponsored by our friends at Splat Hair Color (and their colour of the month Pink Fetish)

Pink P!nk Hair Ripping Shirt
P!nk wearing pink! Shot for the cover of Faze’s summer 2002 issue, yep, that’s a long time ago!

Several years back when we first started working with Splat, colour dyed hair really was not all that common (singer P!nk was a standout), but Splat clearly was on the leading edge of big trend. In the following years experimenting with bold pinks, blues, purples, etc. exploded everywhere, for celebrities, professional stylists and regular adventurous girls (and guys) like us as well. We’ve witnessed an absolute explosion of semi-permanent dyes, temporary washable colours and even one-day hair chalks that almost seem like you’re applying eye shadow to your hair for a beautiful effect. Splat remains a leader and is regularly seen as one of the best products out there, particularly for not fading (a problem with many other brands).

Here’s a look at some of the more beautiful and artful images of colour dyed hair we’ve seen, featuring hues of pink. Enjoy and keep checking in on us on Facebook and Twitter for chances to win Splat Hair Color collections of your own! And if you find any other please comment below, or send your finds to

Pink for Short Hairstyles

There’s something about bold colours (pink included) that just seems to go so well with short hairstyles.

Pink Hair in Mirror

Cool Chick Pink Hair

Pink Dye Hair

Pink Dye Hair

Avant-garde color hair

Avant Garde Hair

Pink Dye Hair

Pink Hair Dye Color

Pink for Longer Hairstyles

Just as we featured P!nk and her pink locks on the cover back in the early days of Faze, we also teamed up with Avril Lavigne for covers and photoshoots. Avril also loved playing with colour, pink especially and we think she wears it very well. Here’s Avril and more great examples of pink dyed longer hair.
Avril Lavigne Pink Hair

Love the matching lipstick here too!
Pink Dye Hair Pretty Girl

A sunset ombre dye job…stunning!
Beautiful Sunset Pink Ombre Hair
Time for a little avant-garde!
Art Pink Hair Avant Garde Hairstyle

Pink Dye Hair

Pink Dye Hair Pretty Girl

Beautiful pink dye hair

This dip dyed look has become more popular in the last year.
Pink Dip Dye Tips Hair

And for the ultra creative souls, an entire palette of colour!
Colorful hair dye

Ombre Hair Color Dye

Love this mysterious image, make me want to go write a novel.
Ombre Rain Girl

The one and only, Katy Perry! Pulling off pink like a pro.
Katy Perry Pink Hair

This is fun. And very well done: that is one fabulously crafted and dyed cat, love the pink inner ears!
Pink blue dye hair cat design

However, this is wrong. Adorable but still wrong.
Ombre Rain Dog! Oh no!

Post sponsored by our friends at Splat Hair Color (and their colour of the month Pink Fetish)

Splat Hair Dye Pink Fetish


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