Beauty 101: Hair Removal Options- Just In Time For Summer

The heat is on and it’s time to show off your smooth summer skin. Jennifer Cueto, head aesthetician at Toronto’s Concepts Salon and Spa, gives the lowdown on the top ways to get bare.


How it works: Each hair is pulled individually from its root

How long it lasts: About three weeks

Best for: Upper lip, eyebrows, touch-ups

The damage: Eyebrows: $15-$20

Ouch Factor (1=what pain? 10=Yikes!): 5 to 7

Words of advice: Tweeze on your own to maintain the look between professional appointments


How it works: A piece of entwined thread is rolled over your skin, grabbing several hairs at once and removing them by their roots

How long it lasts: About three weeks

Best for: Face, upper lip, eyebrows

The damage: Eyebrows: $10-$15

Ouch Factor (1=what pain? 10=Yikes!): 5 to 7

Words of advice: Try this if you want to get rid of teeny hairs or peach fuzz


How it works: Wax is spread over your skin in a thin coat in the direction of the hair growth, then a piece of cloth is smoothed over top and pulled in the opposite direction

How long it lasts: About three weeks

Best for:  Legs, arms, bikini, underarms

The damage: Bikini: $25-$40, Full leg: $50-$75

Ouch Factor (1=what pain? 10=Yikes!): Bikini: 8 or 9, Legs: 5 to 8

Words of advice: Before waxing, let your hair grow for at least two weeks

waxing unwanted hair

Depilatory Cream

How it works: Smooth the cream over your skin and leave on for the recommended time. The chemical dissolves the hair above the skin’s surface. A spatula is used to remove the cream (along with your hair)

How long it lasts: A day or two

Best for: Arms, legs, upper lip (as long as your skin’s not sensitive)

The damage: $8-$15 for at-home product

Ouch Factor (1=what pain? 10=Yikes!): 1

Words of advice: Try this method if you normally get ingrown hairs from shaving

Laser Hair Removal

How it works: The heat from a laser penetrates your skin and destroys the hair follicle, preventing any more hair from growing

How long it lasts: After 4 to 10 visits, the hair will be gone permanently

Best for: Bikini, arms, legs, underarms

The damage: Lip (each treatment): $50-$70, Bikini (each treatment): $150-$250

Ouch Factor (1=what pain? 10=Yikes!): 1 to 3

Words of advice: Laser works on all skin types and colours, but the results are best if the hair is darker than the skin

Hair Removal Armpit Wax

HOME SPA BONUS!  Got 15 minutes? Here’s a DIY pedicure!

L.A.-based pedicurist Carla Kay (whose celeb roster includes Gwen Stefani and Allegra Beck) gives Faze her five-step at-home pedicure prescription

Carla’s daily secret weapon:
Airplus For Her Spalina Sugar Scrub, $9. Sugars exfoliate your feet and almond oils offer deep hydration.

Airplus For Her Spalina Sugar Scrub

5 Easy Steps

1. Remove old polish and make sure your feet are clean and free from oil or lotion

2. Soak your feet in warm water for 5 minutes

3. Clip nails straight across, leaving a sliver of white. With a file, smooth the free edge of the nail. Keep the shape square to prevent ingrown toenails.

4. Use a pumice stone to smooth out dry patches on the soles of your feet. (Us Faze girls have been using the Revlon Exper Effect All-Around Pumice Stone, $8)

5. Paint toenails with a base coat (to help the polish go on smoothly and last longer) and two coats of colour. Finish with a topcoat for a longer-lasting procedure.

Pamper Your Feet Spa

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