Have You Got What I Takes To Become THE NEXT STAR?

Do you love, eat and breathe music? Are you hearing the call of the stage? Think you’re destined to be the next star? Then go for it!

Tianda The Next Star

Last fall, at an energetic and packed concert, we watched as Tianda sang her heart out on the season finale of The Next Star, earning herself the title and all that went with it.

This spring, Tianda—now with two singles under her belt (“Without You Here” and “Liar Liar”–both available on itunes)—is offering some advice to the next set of hopefuls for the third season of The Next Star.  TO ALL THOSE INTERESTED: auditions are just around the corner (May 1st!), so don’t forget to take notes!

FAZE: It must be incredibly nerve-wracking to go up in front of those judges for an audition on the show—what is a good way to help calm your nerves?

TIANDA: I think it’s just important to practice a lot. I think that the more you practice, the more confident you become. And I think it’s also important for them to just tell themselves that they’re good—because if they don’t believe in themselves, no one else can.

Is there any good way to impress the judges? Perhaps a crazy costume?

(laughs) No. I think it’s important to be unique (obviously) and be yourself—but find an outfit that expresses your personality, rather than something you just threw together to stand out.

Tianda The Next Star
How can contestants prepare themselves for being away from home, if they do get selected as a finalist?

TIANDA: It’s important to communicate with your friends a lot when you’re gone—if you talk to your friends a lot when you’re at home, it shouldn’t be too hard…I had my cell phone glued to me that whole time, so I was texting my best friend like crazy all the time. You definitely have time to keep in touch.

Tianda Flegel The Next Star with Justin Bieber


May 1 – St. John’s
May 4 – Montreal
May 8, 9 – Toronto
May 15 – Saskatoon
May 18 – Edmonton
May 22 – Vancouver

For more info on the show and auditioning, be sure to check out the YTV site.


FAZE: Who would you love to share the stage with?
TIANDA: Definitely Taylor Swift—obviously because she’s amazing.

Tianda The Next Star with Faze Founder Lorraine Zander

AGREED! Best of luck to Tianda in her solo career AND to all those hoping to become THE NEXT STAR!!!

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