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Best Most Romantic Movie Moments EVER

Romantic movies have a bad rap. That’s just the way it goes. There are no prestigious awards for “The Best Make Out Scene in a Romantic Comedy” (although that would be a hoot). However, we think that people are usually too quick to judge this so-called “flighty” and overexposed genre. Although we do admit that most romance movies follow the same exact plot (boy meets girl, they fall in love, a crisis diverts them, they overcome that crisis and live happily ever after), we can’t forget the reason why this storyline is used so often. It’s because they all revolve around the idea of falling in love. You know, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when your crush finally asks you out, or the thoughts churning in your mind wondering if he’s going to kiss you or not, or whether you should take the lead. All of these bubbly inklings will eventually lead us to falling in love, and isn’t that what life is all about? Finding someone who you can’t get enough of, and wanting to share your life with them. These movies, albeit a bit sappy, remind us of the bigger picture. And that, our friends, is true love.

1. 500 Days of Summer: The Ikea scene

What’s more romantic than shopping for couches and utensils at Ikea? Summer and Tom make scouting for furniture an ideal date for couples.
Ikea scene

2. Juno: Juno confessing her love for Bleeker

From the tic tacs in the mailbox to finally proclaiming her true feelings to her best friend, this moment had us reaching for the tissues.

Juno and Bleeker

3. Sleepless in Seattle: The Empire State building scene

When Annie and Sam finally meet in person on top of one of the tallest buildings in the world, you can actually smell the love in the air.

Annie meeting Sam

4. When Harry Met Sally: Harry’s confessional scene

Harry’s charming and touching speech to Sally about how much he loves her and how much he needed to tell her made us all wishing for a gentlemen not afraid to show his feelings!

Harry confessing

5. The Notebook: Allie and Noah making out in the rain

The classic—what’s more romantic than kissing your loved one in the pouring rain? Allie and Noah finally realizing that they were meant for each other had audience members sighing with relief.

makeout in the rain

6. The Wedding Singer: Robbie on the plane scene

Who doesn’t want a personalized song written for them, sung to them on an airplane? Adam Sandler kills it with his lyrics to Julia.

love song on the plane

7. A Walk to Remember: Landon helping Jamie with her wish list

Landon Carter is the ultimate bad boy. What’s even hotter than that is he’s a sensitive one. Helping Jamie complete her wish list was probably one of the most romantic moves ever.

Landon and Jamie

8. You’ve Got Mail: Kathleen and Joe meeting as their screennames

Kathleen bursting into tears with happiness, realizing that it was Joe all along is reason enough to believe in true love.

Screenname meetup

9. Titanic: Jack saving Rose’s life

I think we were all bawling our eyes out at this final scene in this epic film—when Jack insists that Rose stays afloat on that door, we couldn’t help but swoon at this overwhelming gesture.

Jack saving Rose

10. Spiderman: the upside down kiss

After saving Mary Jane’s life in the alley, Peter Parker definitely deserved this passionate kiss (we secretly wish we were in her shoes).

upside-down kiss

11. My Best Friend’s Wedding: when Jules lets Michael go

One of the most romantic moments in any movie is letting go of the person you love the most. We all hated Cameron Diaz at that point!

Jules and Michael

12. Love Actually: notes at the door

Having true feelings confessed in writing? It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

love notes

13. Ghost: when Sam and Molly have one last moment together

Molly’s chance to have Sam in her life again for just a few minutes proved to be one of the most iconic scenes in the history of romance movies… we still can’t stop talking about it!


14. Say Anything: Lloyd and the radio

Music brings out memories in our lives, wonderful memories that we wish to relive over and over again. It seems as if Lloyd certainly took this into account during one of the most iconic scenes ever.

say anything radio

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