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The Definitive Ranking Of Movie And TV Moms From Your Childhood

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Faze is counting down the best movie/ TV moms from your childhood. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

7. Fiona (Cameron Diaz) from Shrek


It’s hard juggling ogre triplets but Fiona makes it seem effortless.

6. Tanya Baxter (T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh) from That’s So Raven

tanya baxter

Tanya is a hilarious, fun-loving mother but when it comes to discipline she gets down to business. After all, someone has to rein Raven in.

5. Peg (Dianne Wiest) from Edward Scissorhands

edward scissorhands

Peg accepts Edward’s…er, shortcomings…and takes him in as her own. Future mothers, take note.

4. Ingrid Cortez (Carla Gugino) from Spy Kids

ingrid cortez

A spy for a mom? Sign us up! Ingrid Cortez gave us some serious mom-envy. Not only was she an awesome mother but she was also bad-ass.

3. Elizabeth James (Natasha Richardson) from The Parent Trapelizabeth james

Okay, we know Elizabeth gave up one of her daughters and didn’t contact her for eleven years. However, she redeems herself by having a killer relationship with her other daughter. Plus: extra points for being a wedding dress designer…and being British.

2. Nani (Tia Carrere) from Lilo and Stitch


Despite Nani not actually being Lilo’s mom, she still makes our list. Nani makes major sacrifices to raise Lilo. She selflessly gives up her career and puts her love life on hold in order to keep her sister happy. She deserves major props.

1. Morticia Addams (Anjelica Huston) from The Addams Family

morticia addams

Morticia is the ultimate mother, la crème de la crème! She teaches her children to love themselves no matter how “weird” they are. If you had Morticia as a mum, she would tell you to embrace your chicken legs instead of hate them. Also, she’s freaking hilarious! For that we hereby crown her the Queen of Movie/ TV Moms. All hail Morticia Addams.

Bonus, Best Grandma:

Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews) from The Princess Diaries

the princess diaries

the princess diaries

We wish Queen Clarisse Renaldi was our grandmother. She’s the epitome of elegance and she’s got some serious moves on the mattress.

We know you love your mom but if you could choose any movie or TV mother to take her place, who would it be? Tweet us @FazeMagazine.

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