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Bryan Farnum: Alternative Healer Believes Our Lives Have A Blueprint

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footprintIf this article seems a little strange as you read through it, I know what you mean. And Bryan Farnum is an unusual person. He speaks of healing, helping, giving and God — which in this day and age is very daring. He really exposes himself to ridicule and insult when he explains his “gifts from God” to skeptics. So why do it? Maybe money, maybe fame? Well, Bryan generally doesn’t get paid for what he does. And what does he do? He basically tries to help people in the best way he knows. If that makes you strange and unusual, well then, I’d be happy to be see more strange and unusual people in the world. In a world with so many competing and equally questionable religious beliefs, it’s probably wise to study as many as possible and take the best from each world. Here is a look at Bryan’s world…Lorraine ♥

On April 30th, 1998, Bryan Farnum’s world came crashing to a halt when Michael, the youngest of five children, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Michael had just celebrated his fourth birthday, when the increasingly severe headaches and vomiting began. Weeks of tests confirmed that Michael would have to undergo surgery.

The Farnums turned to God, praying that the results would be favourable, and God seemed to answer their prayers. The surgery was successful – the tumor was removed, with no apparent damage or loss of function. The family was thankful to neurosurgeon Dr. Jim Drake at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children for his brilliance and caring.

A week later came the pathologists’ report – CANCER – highly aggressive and extremely rare. Doctors recommended 18 months of chemotherapy treatments, combined with 6 – 8 weeks of radiology treatments. There was no guarantee that Michael would survive either the treatment or the cancer. What was guaranteed however, was that their child would be damaged by the treatment itself. Michael could look forward to malformation of the spine, permanent hair loss, loss of stature, sterility, reduced intelligence, and a very high probability of developing another cancer within 10 years of treatment; assuming of course that he lived through the treatment. The oncology staff insisted that without this treatment the incidence of recurrence of this type of cancer was 100%.

The family was faced with a terrible dilemma. How could they put their beautiful child through the horrors that had been described to them – was there an alternative?

Again, they turned to their God and also to the alternative health care community. They sought the counsel and fellowship of the hospital chaplain, their local church and participated in a spiritual healing. Ultimately they chose alternative medicine over the chemotherapy and radiation treatments recommended by the hospital.

From the outset of Michael’s illness Bryan prayed, and in fact, he offered his own life to God in exchange for Michael’s. In his naiveté, he wondered whether he would start developing the symptoms of a brain tumor. Immediately following Michael’s spiritual healing Bryan could sense something very different going on in his own mind, body and soul, and felt God’s plan was starting to unfold.

Bryan FarnumBryan had always been intuitive, particularly in business, but now he began to feel he understood things about life, about the body, about God – he would feel overwhelmed in crowded areas as if the energy of the people around him was being drawn directly to him. He spent many hours each day in prayer and meditation. He believed he was developing the power to discern people’s bodies – and even to identify if there was illness in the body, and where, and then, began to know what was causing that illness, and how to reverse it.

Whatever the source of the miracle, what he had prayed for materialized – Michael was healed and his own journey to serve God began. In October 1998 Bryan ended a business career as a merchant banker and embarked on a path of healing, of spiritual growth, and a mission to deliver God’s message of love to each and every one on Earth.

A supernatural database of knowledge

In a style similar to the famous late faith healer Edgar Cayce, Bryan claims to consciously accesses the “Akashic Records” or God’s Universal Records. These records apparently contain information on every living organism. It contains a ledger of every thought word and deed of every individual who is living today, or has ever lived. Filed under the name we are given at birth, every individual has a custom-made “encyclopedia” that catalogues everything we are, think, feel or say.

The late Edgar Cayce spent most of his life in a trance calling upon these Akashic records to help tens of thousands of people. Following his passing, millions of people have been helped by or intrigued with Edgar Cayce – the “Sleeping Prophet” – by reading about his discernments in a series of books written about his life. (For further information on Edgar Cayce feel free to visit Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Bryan claims that God knows everything about you – your loves, your hates, your every thought, your energy level, your intelligence, your degree of happiness. God knows how well you are doing at school, how honest your are; he knows what health problems you have, like depression or mood swings, whether you have viral or bacterial infections, whether chronic or serious disease is present. Do you use drugs or alcohol? God knows. He knows your sexual activity, your preferences, and your sexual orientation. He also knows your ability to love, yourself and others, your ability to forgive; and your closeness to God.

It is said God knows everything – your life is an open book, there are no secrets – every action, reaction, spoken word and or thought is recorded permanently.

(Okay, here’s the tricky part….Editor)
Bryan claims to be able to access God’s body of knowledge as well. Bryan claims that God allows him to “discern” information from our “encyclopedia” in order to help us obtain information we need to help balance body, mind and soul.

Your Blueprint and Life Program

Bryan believes that at conception every individual is assigned a Blueprint and a Life Program. The Blueprint predetermines the inherent strengths and weaknesses of our body, mind and soul. The Life Program predicts how we as individuals will act and react under stimulation from any of our five (or is it six?) senses. Let’s compare us to a computer – our blueprint is our hardware, our life program is our customized software.

Bryan says that teenagers need to know that our Blueprint and Life Program is largely determined by the strengths and weaknesses that have been passed down to us by our parents. For those of you who may feel that you’ve been given a bum rap, Bryan suggests that you don’t take this as an opportunity to blame your parents for every thing that is wrong in your life. As you mature, you will be allowed to make more and more choices in your life, and of course, take responsibility for those choices. The good news is, that to a certain degree, the Life Program can be changed.

For instance, if one or both of your parents suffer from depression, there is a good chance that you will also suffer from depression. Teenagers often don’t recognize their sad feelings, lack of energy or enthusiasm as depression; others do not want to talk about depression.

Bryan suggests that there are two primary types of depression. One is a physical (brain chemical imbalance) depression and the other is a depression in response to negative life experiences. In both cases, it is very important for teenagers to seek help, and help is available.

Often depression can be lessened or improved by a change in diet. Bryan suggests that all teenagers drink plenty of water, minimize intake of sugary refined products, eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Bryan also is a big supporter of flaxseed oil as a dietary supplement. He feels flaxseed oil helps maintain serotonin levels (a neurochemical) in the brain, which, when out of balance, can cause mood swings and anxiety. Additionally Bryan believes flaxseed oil kills certain bacteria in the body, including some that contribute to teenage acne.

Bryan explains that it is very important for teenagers to talk about their feelings of depression, talk to your parents, talk to a close friend, a teacher, someone that you trust. If you are not sure whom to trust, Bryan suggests that you try prayer, and God will send someone to help you.

Have a chat with a higher power

If you’re not sure how to pray, Bryan suggests that you begin by imagining God is present with you in the same room and simply have a normal conversation and don’t be afraid to ask for help and always pray for others. If you don’t like the name “God”, try Father, Heavenly Father, Almighty, Allah, Jehovah, Lord, Creator. Find a name for God that you are the most comfortable with. (Brad Pitt? …Editor)

Many teenagers (and adults as well) do not take the time to get to know God. Bryan recommends that you start getting to know God today – do not wait for some tragic event to occur, like Bryan did almost losing his son to brain cancer. Bryan admits, many people, like himself, turn to God when they are down and out, and their life or the life of a loved one is on the line.

Bryan says “Remember God’s love for each and every one of us is profound – He loves each one of us equally, regardless of whether or not we love Him in return.”

Gifted individuals (and lowering your expectations)

Some people appear to have been blessed with very special abilities or attributes. For instance, some are highly intelligent, some are brilliant artists, or musicians, some may have been blessed with a beautiful face and perfect body shape, a great voice or dramatic talent, strong athletic ability, or the ability to attract many friends.

Do not despair if this doesn’t describe you. Recognize that these are gifts from God, and it is quite possible that your own gift may not be realized until you are older, or your gift may be of the spiritual realm – realize that there is a purpose for every person being different in this world.

Bryan wants all teenagers to drop, get rid of, dump their extraordinarily high expectations of life. He says this is often the reason why many teenagers experience high levels of stress, anger, depression and ultimately illness. He says that teenagers should simply set a goal to try to do their best at whatever they attempt. Understand that we all have different blueprints and life programs. We do not share the same strengths nor are we burdened with the same weaknesses as others. Be content with your uniqueness – you needn’t feel pressure to look, act, feel like every other teenager – you weren’t created to.

Bryan speaks from experience, he, like many, has had great failures in his life. Bryan knows from God, that it is our effort in overcoming and learning from those failures that is to be rewarded.

Bryan shared with me a story about a family of seven children that he met in the United States. They all had very high expectations of life and their performance, and to further burden themselves, they were all perfectionists. Sadly, not one of these seven family members was happy. Rather than improving the quality of their lives, their high expectations resulted in a life filled with disappointment.

So teenagers, Bryan says, give up the high expectations. This doesn’t mean to stop dreaming, practicing or training, or setting goals for yourself, just be happy with your effort – compare your performance only to yourself. Bryan also says that parents need to understand this very important point – take the pressure off and help your children be all they can be, or were meant to be.


Bryan Farnum invites your questions
Bryan is delighted to be part of this premiere issue of Faze Magazine, and as part of Bryan’s commitment to teenagers, Bryan invites you to call to him at the number below. Bryan will try to answer your questions about your health and happiness.

(As a self-professed medical intuitive and healer and as a father of three children, and stepfather to two more Bryan Farnum is very familiar with the stresses and concerns plaguing teenagers in this age. Questions about depression, mood swings, the effects of divorce, abuse, smoking, illness, drugs and alcohol, sex, low self-esteem, pressure to perform, thoughts of suicide, death and issues about God are all part of his daily experience.)

Teens or their parents with questions or challenges can contact Bryan’s office in Richmond Hill, Ontario at 905-770-9200. Or check out his website that didn’t exist back when this article was written in 2000: Clarity Radio

Article by Catherine Allen (Bryan’s wife)

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