Book Review: Fragments By Dan Wells (Partials Sequence #2)

While the cure has been found the battle is far from over.


In his second installment to his riveting trilogy the began with Partials, Dan Wells’ Fragments returns to the dystopian world of Kira Walker. Readers find their protagonist trying to survive amidst the ruins of Manhattan, searching for answers to who and what she is. While Kira sets out to find the remnants of ParaGen (the company that created the partials), back on Long Island, Marcus is stuck in a crumbling community, where chaos ensues after the emergence of a war between the partials.

But, with war and death just around the corner, sometimes the biggest challenge isn’t the fight; it’s having to work together.

Fragments follows its predecessor’s footsteps by combining the same elements of sci-fi, action, adventure, mystery, and even a hint of romance, with only one slight change.

In his sequel, Dan Wells incorporates various voices in his narrative. In order to show the growing concern and problems within the world, he develops minor characters such as Ariel, Hiro, Marcus and Samm. The multiple perspectives prove successful, reminding readers that this isn’t just about Kira—it’s about everyone.

Unfortunately, while the author does a good job of developing his plot further, compared to Partials the narrative seemed to be a little drawn out. Although Kira’s journey is nothing short of tumultuous, the description is a bit slow-paced; anticipation for action is at an all-time high. In comparison, Marcus and Hiro’s sections are nothing short of action, with constant twists and turns.

With the recurring theme of morality lasting throughout the narrative, Kira and her friends are continuously faced with some of life’s most gripping questions—reminding them that stakes are higher, and the fight for survival could ultimately lead to their end.

And with Dan Wells’ ending off on yet another cliffhanger, readers will have to wait for the third novel—Ruins—to see exactly what that end may be.

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