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Movie Review: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” And A Chat With Cast Members

It all comes to an end, but will it be a happy one?

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Whether you’ve read the novels, seen the movies or are a self-admitted Twihard, fans of the billion dollar Twilight saga will be coming together for one last hurrah. Breaking Dawn – Part 2 brings an end to the fantasy world Stephanie Meyer created that millions of people around the world have come to love.

The film picks up exactly where Breaking Dawn – Part 1 ended—with Bella waking up as a newborn vampire, with flawless, sparkly-in-the-sun skin, commercial-worthy hair and blood-red eyes. She’s welcomed into her new life by the Cullen clan, her husband Edward (sorry Team Jacob, I think all hope is lost by now) and her hybrid daughter (with a hybrid name) Renesmee, the half-mortal, half-vampire Bella gave birth to in Part 1.

Breaking Dawn Part 2Breaking Dawn Part 2

As Bella successfully adapts to being a vampire, learning how to control her thirst for blood and her super-abilities like strength and speed, the Volturi plan for attack, believing that Renesmee is an “immortal child” who would endanger the future of all vampires.

Though Twilight may have come to the end of its reign, there’s no denying it leaves a lasting impression. Memories of the unforgettable characters and their story will only disappear as easily as a bloodstain on a white shirt (so pretty much never).

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Here’s the run down:

Romance: At the heart of the Twilight saga is the dreamy love story of Bella and Edward, and this one doesn’t let you forget that. Now a married couple, the two have many romantic moments together. Of course, everyone’s favourite werewolf with the perfect abs isn’t left without love…

Action: Though action scenes have been relegated to short spurts throughout the franchise, the final film ensures that it doesn’t go out without a bang. Or at least without one big battle that sees the Cullens’ and their friends (including some faithful werewolves) facing off against the Volturi and their army. There are plenty of head-ripping and body-burning fight scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Comedy: During the first films, we may have been laughing at the character’s awkward moments, but now they’re laughing with us. Breaking Dawn – Part 2 turns the tables and goes the extra mile to deliberately include cheesy punch lines and cheeky nods. From Bella’s eagerness to arm wrestle with Emmett to Jacob’s little strip show for Charlie, you’ll be laughing for all the right reasons.

Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore, the two actors who play Volturi members Demetri and Felix in the series, were recently in Toronto to promote Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Faze chatted with them about their time with the Twilight saga and what fans can expect from the new movie.

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Describe your experience working with one of the largest film franchises of the decade.

Daniel Cudmore: It was a blast, it was so much fun! I think, for me, it was one of those things that I’m going to have a clearer picture of the adventure [when I’m] a year away from it. Right now I think I’m still in the midst of everything that’s going on with this last film. But there are definitely little points where I’m like, “Oh that was awesome,” “That was fun,” “That was really cool” and “That was a neat experience.”

You said that there were moments that really stood out to you, is there one in particular you can describe off the top of your head?

DC: You really feel part of something large when all of a sudden you’re whisked off to this beautiful town in Italy to film something, and I think that’s where we got a grand understanding of the scope of how strong the fandom was. When you’re in this tiny little town on the other side of the world and there’s people from everywhere, ages 15-16 years old, who were by themselves from say Brazil or somewhere like that. I don’t know how they got out there and how they convinced their parents to let them get out there. I think that was kind of like a big “whoa” moment, like this is something huge.

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twilight has turned vampires from the scary creatures that they used to be into these desirable love interests.

DC: Yes! Thank you!

But you could say that you guys as the Volturi, keep that scary front.

Charlie Bewley: In this movie you definitely feel that sense when the Volturi are introduced. Tania comes to us and reveals the nature of the immortal child and suddenly Aro has heard all that he needs to hear and he’s looking for any excuse to go after specifically Alice, really, and then he gets it.

What can fans expect from the final film?

CB: First of all you’ve got all the issues that were brought to attention in part one; with the pregnancy for example and the issue with the love triangle finally becomes resolved.

DC: Like is she or is she not going to be a vampire?

CB: Then you have Bella, it starts of with Bella becoming awesome. Just awesome! And the growth of Renesmee.

DC: And the ever-present threat of the Volturi throughout the whole thing. All these new Vampires from these new worlds, there’s just so many different characters and stories that are opened up. Just a great way to end of the series.

Check out the trailer for BREAKING DAWN – PART 2

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