CD Reviews: Issue #1

What’s new for the new millennium on the Canadian music scene?

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Hope Springs Eternal – Frozen Sonic

Hope Springs Eternal - Frozen Sonic
Hold on tight…these boys are about to take you there! Blending the psychedelic rock feel from the 70’s with 80’s pop feel, look for “Smile” on your local radio this summer. HSE lock it up and will not disappoint, look for “Smile” on your local radio stations this summer.

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Grade: B
Youtube Link: Frozen Sonic full album
Review: Hailing from Alberta and proving that you don’t have to play hockey of be a farmer, this alternative rock outfit are poised to be shake some heads. With incredible singles like “Brace Yourself” and “Smile”, HSE will give you an 80s flashback along with an edgy college sound. Sweet guitar tones and incredible hooks are the flavour of the day and they have plenty of them throughout Frozen Sonic. HSE delivers quicker than 967-1111 and their music definitely tastes better than any pizza I’ve ever eaten! Look for a tour later this spring and a March release date.
—Luke Patcha, Feb 2000

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hope Springs Eternal flew in for our blizzard-challenged but packed and wildly successful launch party for the premier issue of Faze Magazine, and they rocked the house and even made onto the national news along with coverage of the Faze Magazine launch (on multiple networks including MuchMusic!

51 Peg – Strange Appointments

51 Peg - Strange Appointments
Electronic fused rock with an 80s lyrical throwback and vocals that will blow you away from the first single “Apology”. A first class ground-breaker. 51 PEG are a new breed.

Genre: Hard Alternative
Grade: B-
Review: Hard Electronic Rock from this diverse collection of musicians opens the New Year in style! From the opening track ‘Apology’, the tone is set on this deeply rooted record. Swirling synth kicks and a barrage of guitars take this album to extraordinary new heights. Unlike most electronic rock acts, 51 PEG’s main goal is not to make you dance the night away…oh no…their goal is simple…prepare to meet thy maker! With other incredible singles such as “Conditioned Addendum”, “Dust & Grind” and “Conditioner”…51 PEG could very well be the next household name in North American alternative music. Oh did I say could be…I meant will be!
—Luke Patcha, Feb 2000

Blasternaut – SuperChevyMettle

Blasternaut - SuperChevyMettle
Highly anticipated follow-up to the incredible Eden Pit. Includes the hits “Stalker” and “Tube Dream”, look for a national tour this summer from one of Canada’s top live bands.

Genre: Alternative
Review: ‘SuperChevyMettle’ is the no-holds-barred, cutting edge, alternative rock follow-up to Blasternaut’s ‘Eden Pit’. Guitar driven sounds with the capable vocal talent of Ted Lamont at the helm.
—Lori, 2000

Kai Blackwood – Favourite Son

Kai Blackwood - Favourite Son
Crunchy rock ‘n’ roll from this American whiz kid have you reeling. From down tempo blues rock all the way to full-on balls-to-the-wall rock.

Murray Soehn – Ouch

Murray Soehn - Ouch
Classic crossover rock with what can only be classified as a “groove rock” feel and hooks-a-plenty. A one man wrecking machine, Murray Soehn will be Canada’s next great export.

Wax  – Successful Failures

Wax  - Successful Failures
Drum ‘n’ Bass that blends old school sounds with the current vibe and sensibility. Dance floor driven tracks with a kickback & chill feel…WAX is an essential for any electronica freak.

As It Is – As It Is

As It Is - As It Is
Hard rock blended to perfection on this rollercoaster of an album. Hit single “Big Switch” already receiving college CMJ radio support with sights set on commercial Alternative Radio…these guys are the next big thing.

Rocketrip 69 – Primed

Rocketrip 69 - Primed
Canadian rock outfit that prove once again that it’s not where you’re from…but rather where you take it! With incredible tracks like “Roses Bloom” and “Minefield”, you will be hearing a lot about this Canadian gem

Sicboy – Artificial Flavors

Sicboy - Artificial Flavors
Street influenced rock with hip hop overtones..and the while maintaining focus without the cheese! Move over-imitators…the originators are now in season

LoveCandy – Love Candy

Love Candy
Songwriting with a throw-back to the old school that will leave you wanting more. If your needing something new yet familiar…check out these pros!


From Faze Magazine Issue #1

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