CD Reviews: Issue #2

What’s new for summer for our youthful ears?

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Fatboy Slim – On The Floor At The Boutique

fatboy slim on the floor at the boutique

Genre: Acid House/Trip Hop
Review: On the Floor at the Boutique is a fantastic mix album from Fatboy Slim. Recorded at a truly raucous night at The Big Beat Boutique in Brighton, England, Norman (Fatboy Slim) Cook’s spiritual and musical home, the album shows what Norman does best: deliver a driving fun-fueled mix CD. The blend of new and old doesn’t come off as incongruous or forced. On the Floor is a credit to Cook’s skills as a mixer.

Lorraine Lawson – If I Could

lorraine lawson if i could
(Page Music/Boardwalk Records)

Genre: Pop
Review: If I Could is instantly accessible with strong hooks that bring you back time after time and a melody that you’ll want to sing after one listen. The tracks have singable melodies , thick chords and cool grooves. Lorraine says, “Some tracks are more R&B and some are more Dance. My aim was to make an eclectic record…I describe it as ‘soulful-pop.'” A very urban sound, sexy with an urgent edge.

Editor’s note: Lorraine (I love the name!) has gone on to become a top vocal coach in Toronto. Check out her Instagram here and her vocal coaching business

Blasternaut – SuperChevyMettle

Blasternaut - SuperChevyMettle
(Attack Records)

Genre: Alternative
Review: SuperChevyMettle is the no-holds-barred, cutting edge, alternative rock follow-up to Blasternaut’s Eden Pit. Guitar driven sounds with the capable vocal talent of Ted Lamont at the helm.


From Faze Magazine Issue #2

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