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Cell Phones: What’s New For Back To School

It’s hard to imagine any more functions being crammed into cell phones, but hey, if it makes life easier, more interesting and more fun, I say “brrrrrring it on!”

cell phones - sony-t237

Sony Ericsson T237

It has multimedia messaging, e-mail, real music polyphonic ringtones and the capability to download games from the Web to your phone. You can also attach a CommuniCam™ mobile camera, take your picture and send. And, when a call comes in, you can make a picture of that person appear in your screen.

cell phones - lg-5550

LG 5550

Get the latest in voice recognition, voice command and speakerphone capabilities. You can access contacts, digit dial, shift the phone into drive mode or access voice mail simply by speaking the desired command. The LG5550 also boasts an internal 65K colour screen, JAVA to download games and a 32 chord polyphonic ringer.

cell phones - kyocera-slider

Kyocera Slider

Simply put, the Slider SE44 and SE47 slides. Slide the face up to make a call, slide it down when you’re done. The 65,000-colour display and BREW™ 2.0 technology for downloading games and ring tones prove that this phone is as smart as it is sleek.

cell phones - motorola-v220

Motorola v220

Communicate with the integrated camera and MMS1, go hands free with the built-in speaker phone, get a truly sensory experience with the video playback feature and turn heads with the high-quality sound of MP3 ring tones!

cell phones - nokia-3100

Nokia 3100

Complete with colour screen, glow-in-the-dark cover accents, and ringer-activated flashing lights, the 3100 also provides a variety of customization options, including user-changeable Xpress-on™ covers available in a variety of colours, each accented with glow-in-the-dark highlights!

cell phones - sony-z200

Sony Ericsson Z200

Create a truly personal experience when you download fun games, wallpapers and polyphonic ringtones. Joystick control and a colour inside screen gives you ease of use while an animated outside screen lets you see who’s calling. The Z200 is a playful color screen phone with removable covers.

cell phones -kyocera-blade

Kyocera’s Blade Series

Impress your friends with the Blade’s key-activated, built-in flashlight, colour display and illuminated navigation key and text messages with funky animation. Then impress yourself with the voiceactivated dialing, scheduler, calculator, alarm clock and built-in directory.

cell phones - samsung-a660

Samsung a660

With VoiceSignal software, the a660 has a voice-activated phone book with no programming required, digit dialing by speaking the number you want and voice command menu shortcuts. You can also access the Internet wirelessly and download personalized content.

cell phones - nokia-ngage

Nokia N-Gage QD

With a hot-swappable multimedia (MMC) slot for instant gaming, long battery life and easy-to-use gaming controls, you’ll be able to play your favourite titles and connect to the worldwide mobile gaming community over mobile networks via the N-Gage Arena. Also a high quality mobile phone, with powerful smartphone features — it is THE gadget for back to school this year.

From Faze Magazine Issue #17

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