A Chat With Author Alexandra Adornetto

Many dark forces are gathering in the sleepy beach town of Venus Cove.
Three angels are sent in to stand guard, complete a mission, protect the people.
One of them finds herself a little of course, falling for a human, betraying her secret.



The first book in a now greatly-anticipated trilogy, HALO is the story of three angels (Gabriel, Ivy and Bethany) who are sent down to earth to protect the town of Venus Cove from mysterious dark forces that are rising up all around them.

Though the others are more experienced, this is Bethany’s very first mission and she finds herself overwhelmed by all that earth has to offer. As the youngest of the trio, her assignment is to blend into the halls of high school (not so easy when you have no idea about things like Facebook, Britney and saying no to the mystery-party-punch), where she will wait for her heavenly purpose to become apparent.

When Bethany is unexpectedly drawn towards the school’s elusive golden boy, Xavier Woods (and he to her), Ivy and Gabriel are worried that she is becoming too human. They warn her, again and again, that she must keep her identity a secret from everyone–including the boy she loves–because the enemy is closing in, tightening its grip on the town. They can’t afford to fail.

But how do you choose between the family who has loved you since time began and the boy who promises to you love you until the end and beyond?

The now 18-year-old author of HALO, Alexandra Adornetto, made her North American debut with this novel, but was previously published (THE SHADOW THIEF) at the age of 14 in her home land of Australia.


Alexandra’s writing career originally began as a way to keep herself entertained during a summer when she was not allowed to go away on vacation with her friends. Even though a lot of adults, upon hearing she wrote a novel, gave her an encouraging, but condescending, “That’s nice, dear,” kind of response, Alexandra decided to send it around to some publishing houses.

Her work ended up in the slush pile (a set of unsolicited manuscripts that a publisher receives all the time) at HarperCollins. When they contacted her about making a deal, no one at the company actually knew how young she was (need some help with a convincing cover letter? Might want to ask HER advice!!).

She was inspired to start writing about angels during a religious studies class. Vampire novels were everywhere at the time (and still are), but angels were characters that presented a unique twist. Alexandra describes them as, “Detached and different.”

Thrown very quickly into this world of published writing, conferences and media tours, Alexandra tells Faze that it can be hard sometimes. When her friends are out partying with care-free attitudes, she has to buckle down and write because she has a serious career already–something her friends struggle to understand.

But with a serious career also comes some serious funds. Alexandra says that most of her earnings have gone towards a trust fund for when she’s older, but her mom encouraged her to go out and splurge on something fun with a bit of cash. Thinking her daughter would come home with a spending-spree of new clothes, her mom was surprised to meet Tink–Alexandra’s newly purchased Chihuahua puppy!

Check out HALO and look forward to the sequel, HADES.

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  1. Britany Hatcher

    I love her books. I think they are great. But I think the Halo series needs a forth book, she left too many things not done. I have came up with a great story line for it. I have been trying to contact her but I haven’t been able to yet. If anyone can get me in contact to her I would love it. You see I can wright a great story line but I can’t wright a book because of my ADHD. I get bored too fast, and I would like her permission to wright it.


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