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7 Cleanses That Will Actually Make A Difference In The New Year

It’s a new year and you know what that means: having to see dozens of people post their resolutions and witnessing the famous “New Year, New Me” saying alllll over social media. To be honest, the idea of becoming a new person for the new year isn’t the most realistic. Why? Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, therefore you don’t need to change who you are! In fact, Faze thinks that instead of changing the new year is the perfect time to improve on who you are, thus turning yourself into the best person that you can be! Take a look at these different cleanses and try some of them out for the ultimate refresh. Following these cleanses will actually help you live a healthier, cleaner and a less stressful lifestyle, helping you make this your year to shine!

1. Cleaning out Your Closet

As much as you may hate to admit that your mother is right you definitely have way too many clothes. A new year is the perfect reason to clean out your closet and get rid of clothes, shoes or accessories that you’ve outgrown, don’t like, or perhaps haven’t even worn. A good method for deciding which clothes to keep and which ones to get rid of is by determining if you absolutely need to keep certain items in your closet, or if you can live without them. Think of the last time you wore those items and rate them on a scale from 1-10 based on how much you like them with 1 being the least and 10 being the most. By following this simple trick you’ll be able to easily sort through what pieces are worthy enough to remain in your wardrobe and what pieces aren’t. You can then choose to donate your unused belongings or earn a little cash by selling them. There are many stores that will offer you money, gift cards and in-store discounts for your items. One highly recommended store is Plato’s Closet. Located across Canada and with 11 stores in Ontario, Plato’s Closet accepts new and gently worn clothes in exchange for which you will get cash! Who said giving up your clothes had to be painful?


2. Cleaning up Your Friends List

Do you ever see statuses, posts and pictures on social media from people you don’t really know or haven’t talked to in years? Take the time to go through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat contacts to figure out who you really want to have on these social media outlets versus those you can easily delete or unfollow. While you should always be careful about the stuff you post online on your social media accounts, going through your list of friends/followers will help you know who exactly is viewing what you post. Taking some time out of your day to do this will leave you feeling refreshed and cleansed—trust me!


3. Cleaning up Your Phone

Do you really need hundreds of selfies taken at the same spot in the same light with the same angle on your phone? Of course not! Take some time to clean out your phone, whether that be deleting hundreds of pictures you’ve already saved to your computer, or deleting some of the numbers off your contact list (aka exes you sometimes may feel the urge to text when you know you’re better off without them). Getting rid of all of these things allows for more space on your phone, which often results in your phone working faster.

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4. Cleaning out Your Friend Circle

Have you ever heard of the saying “you are who you hang out with”? Well, oftentimes it’s quite true since the people you choose to surround yourself with are usually the people who shape how you look at yourself and others. This is why it’s a good idea to take time to reflect on who you call your close friends and what impact they are having on you. If they’re positive then that’s great, but if they’re constantly negative then that’s going to weigh heavily on you in the long-run and can result in you turning into a negative person as well. If you’re thinking of someone or multiple people in your head that fit this criteria, it may be a good time to separate yourself from them. If you try to be a positive person and they don’t like that, it’s officially time to say goodbye *insert hand wave emoji here*. Of course you don’t need to instantly just cut them out of your life, but distancing yourself from them by not hanging out with them as much by keeping yourself busy with other friends or activities that make you happy are good options to removing the not-so-good friends from your circle.


5. Cleaning out Your Makeup Drawer

Bright coloured eyeshadows from your tween/young teenage phase, dried up nail polishes, and empty bottles of foundation are the reason why it’s crucial that you clean out your makeup drawer ASAP.  You don’t even use half of the makeup in there, so why have it taking up space? Throw out what is old and definitely throw out what’s expired even if it’s unfinished! Once you’ve made space you can make a date with your friends to head out to your favourite makeup store and buy new products that you know you’ll actually use. De-cluttering is important in multiple aspects of your life, and makeup should definitely be included in this process!


6. Cleaning out Your Body

Okay, so maybe you over-indulged a tiny bit during the Christmas season…or a lot. Winter can be a difficult time to work out and eat healthy, especially when the cold weather that just makes you want to stay inside and eat anything you can get your hands on, but it’s important to know what’s going into your body and what it’s doing to you. A bit of indulging is totally fine, but bikini-season will be rolling around before you know it so starting to eat healthier and working out regularly will definitely pay off in near the future. There a ton of different cleanses discussed and advertised online that claim to detoxify your body from all of the not-so-healthy foods it has ingested, but you shouldn’t try any of them without consulting a certified nutritionist first. By getting into contact with a nutritionist you can find out what “food cleanses” are right for your age group and body type, and then start on the path of feeling and looking your best.

7. Cleaning out Your Thoughts

It’s impossible to live a positive life if you’re constantly surrounded by negatively. Life definitely has its up and downs, but it’s important to remember that the good always outweighs the bad, and that you have so many amazing things to be thankful for in your life. This new year make it a habit to try to look at the silver lining – the good in every bad situation you may encounter. Some of the little things in life you may take for granted are what others are wishing for. If you want to develop more of a positive mindset but aren’t sure how, start off by following some daily quote accounts on social media such as TheGoodQuote on Instagram or Succulent on Twitter. Make it a habit to read some of the quotes they post every morning and see how it affects your mindset throughout the day. Positivity is contagious!


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