Which Degree Is Best For Commerce Students In Canada?

The field of commerce offers a lot of scope and is a popular choice among many students. Necessary knowledge that it imbibes helps one in establishing themselves in various sectors. A great perk of commerce is that it does not limit one to any particular role. One can be selective and go for a career choice that appeals to their personal interest.

business degree commerce students

Since the field of business and economics are so deeply interlinked, many with an economics background pursue administrative or management roles. A common factor that each course embodies is potentially strong learning and a promising future. Here is a list of some popular ones to choose from.

#1 Bachelor of commerce

This course in Canada for commerce students focuses on subjects that are related to commerce and finance. Over the course of three years, one can choose from certain elective subjects as well. A plethora of topics such as economics, corporate tax, financial accounting, business management and more are covered in the curriculum.

Bachelor of commerce is a course that is often high in demand as it enables stable career options in accounting, commerce, finance, banking and others. With this degree, you can make a career in advertising, teaching and other diverse fields as well. One can always choose as per their personal preference and expertise.

#2 Bachelor of business administration

Bachelor of business administration is a three-year course that has several core subjects and gives one the chance to specialise in a certain area. This can range from marketing and HR management to finance, accounting and retail management.

While studying this course students get to develop skills like communication and strategic thinking, decision-making ability. Since the syllabus includes topics like principles of management, business laws and more, students are prepared for managerial roles early on. The program also focuses on practical training making one more accustomed to real-world business scenarios and situations.

#3 Bachelor of computer applications

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is another degree that those with a commerce background can pursue. It is a three-year course in computer applications and is suitable for anyone keen on making a career in the IT sector. Sound knowledge of computer and analytical thinking is a must for this field if you plan to be a programmer or software developer.

The course curriculum contains topics such as computer architecture, database management systems, web technology, operation systems and lot more. It also covers important computer languages which include C, C++, HTML, Java etc.

#4 Bachelor of hotel management

A very dynamic career that students from an economic background can pursue is hotel management. This three-year course trains students in a variety of things such as food and beverage preparation, front office operations, sales, marketing, housekeeping operations, public relations and a lot more.

They are also made to work on their communication and interpersonal skills along with shaping an amiable and good personality. Post this course, one can either pursue masters or get hired in hotels, resorts, restaurants, air flights and more.

These are some of the best and most in-demand degrees that commerce students in Canada can pursue for a stable and successful career.

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