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Divergent, The Film: We Interview Shailene Woodley And Theo James

Choose Once. Choose Wisely.
What makes you different makes you dangerous.

Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) has a decision to make. She’s lived her whole life in the Abnegation Faction and she’d love to make her parents happy by choosing their way of life at the Choosing Ceremony. But something just doesn’t click with the completely selfless way of life.

When she goes in to take her aptitude test, which will tell her which of the five factions she’s best suited for–Abnegation (which values selflessness), Amity (peace), Candor (honesty), Erudite (knowledge) or Dauntless (bravery)–the simulation doesn’t work. She gets not one result, but three. She is divergent.

It’s a status she can’t tell anyone about, not even her parents. So, when it comes time to pick a way of life, Beatrice goes with Dauntless. She leaves her old life behind and becomes Tris. Her group leader, Four (Theo James), is clearly dangerous, yet also intriguing (hello crazy tattoos).

But can this new Dauntless initiate, raised to think of others before herself, find where she belongs in a faction where your life is at risk all the time? Can she suddenly find the courage to be stronger, be faster, be ruthless…be brave?

Divergent Shailene Woodley Suzi Q

So does Divergent the film live up to Divergent the best-selling novel?

I don’t say this about many book-turned-movies, but they really did the story justice. If you’re a fan of this series, you’ll be thrilled to see the world take shape on the big screen. The only problem? You’ll be left wanting more. I was desperate to see more of the factions. Especially the clothes. But, lucky for me, we do get two additional movies in the franchise.

Shailene balances perfectly the innocence of Tris in the beginning with the fierceness of who she must become. Theo had just enough brooding and surly moments combined with those of vulnerability to make me love Four, like I did in the book.

Plus, was it just me or does author Veronica Roth make a cameo at one point?

Here’s the run down:

Action: From the moment Tris chooses Dauntless, it doesn’t end. Training,fighting, jumping off of high buildings–this film will keep your heart racing.

Drama: Friends, brothers, group leaders–someone, maybe everyone, is about to betray Tris. It’s hard to know who to trust. But that’s what makes it dramatic and fun to watch, right?

Romance: Just a few years older than Tris, Four is the example of an ideal Dauntless soldier: he never gives up. Especially not when he’s falling for a girl…

INTERVIEW TIME: Theo James and Shailene Woodley

Divergent Theo JamesDivergent Shailene Woodley

We caught up with Theo James on the red carpet and Shailene Woodley in the press room.

Why is your character Four attracted to Tris?

TJ: Well he’s surrounded by a lot of ambitious and even backstabbing people. Then he sees this very unique, kind of noble and moral woman–that’s what he’s attracted to. He can’t trust anyone, but he feels like an instant connection with her.

Tris makes it clear that she doesn’t want to go too far with Four. Why do you think that was?

SW: That was Tris’ first kiss and when I was a teenager growing up, I didn’t sleep with the first guy I kissed, the first time I kissed him. I think that it’s easy to assume that’ll happen because in most movies you see that. Girls lose their virginity, their kissing virginity, their holding hands virginity, their cuddling virginity all in the same moment and I’m like, “I don’t remember it happening like that.”

Something that I thought that was very neat was that Tris respected herself enough, at a young age, to be able to say no. A lot of girls feel the pressure to be cool, or to fit in, or whatever it is, but you have the right to choose.

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