15 Dorm Rooms You’ll Wish Were Yours

Heading off to college or university? Get some design inspiration from these awesome dorm rooms!

In college or university, your new dorm room is your new home. While some students get lucky and have a nice big dorm room with tons of space, the majority of students get stuck with a tiny dorm room with minimal space to maneuver. No matter the size of a dorm room, it can still look amazing depending on how much creativity is put into the design and decor. Check out these 15 super cool dorm rooms that you’ll definitely wish were yours!

1. Pink Royalty

An image of a huge pink, princess themed girls dorm room.

This is the ultimate dorm room for the typical “girly girl”. The bed drapes and beautiful headboard would make me feel like royalty! This is a room fit for a princess!

2. The Indoor Field of Play

Blue sky outdoor themed dorm.

What a way to bring the outdoors inside! The painted sky ceiling paired with the faux grass carpet gives this room an outdoors vibe. Black shelving always helps rooms look cool too. It’s neat, clean, and organized and has thick shades to keep the bright sunlight out in the mornings.

3. Oriental Haven

Oriental ambience room.

Can you say comfy? A nice big bed filled with pillows will definitely make falling asleep easy. Lanterns and candlelight accompanied by a Buddha statue create a peaceful and calm mood for this room, which makes it the ultimate place to think, sleep, and dream.

4. Animal Print Diva

Hot pink and leopard print themed dorm room.

The hot pink, black, and leopard print complement each other to create this awesome diva dorm room. The black shelving above the bed add style to the room and allow more space for pictures and word blocks to make the walls pop.

5. The Urban Office

Bunk bed with an office located underneath.

What a way to save space! Not all dorm rooms are spacious and luxurious, so this dorm owner found a way to create more space by moving the desk underneath the top bunk. The lights on the ceiling add a cool and interesting vibe to this creative bunk bed office.

6. Relaxation Corner

An image of a pink, pattern filled dorm room with a disco ceiling light.

This is such a pretty and private space to relax after a busy day at school. The low chandelier lights up the room just enough and the hanging sheet helps create a private and peaceful environment.

7. Pop of Colour

Black and white checkerboard and red coloured dorm room.

Talk about spacious! This group dorm has lots of room to move around. The use of red as the pop of colour complements the black and white checkerboard bathroom nicely. Having closets designed like a locker is a fun and creative design concept.

8. The Symmetric Glow

Symmetrical two person dorm room.

White Christmas lights have turned into a very popular room decoration. They look like tiny stars floating around your ceiling. This is the perfect dorm for BFFs who have the same taste in decor. What a magical room to fall asleep in!

9. Nature’s Cabin

Cabin dorm room with tree like bed frames.

This is definitely one of the coolest group dorm rooms. The wood ceiling and bunk beds remind me of camping cabins, which isn’t totally a bad thing—good memories were made there! Just add a nice puffy blanket, an audio clip of a crackling campfire and voila, glamping made easy.

10. The Bookworm’s Lounge

Library shelf bed.

This dorm room looks like a personal library! It’s neat, clean, and has tons of space for cool novels. With great organization, school textbooks can be found easily for studying.

11. The Hidden Closet

Walk In Closet Bunk.

Check out this sneaky closet! This is another creative way to make use of excess space. It is an easy DIY walk-in closet!

12. Neutral Glow

Dorm room with brown and white colour scheme.

This is the perfect place to chill, drink some tea, and read a book. The neutral colours keep the room calm and relaxing. Plus, I’m a sucker for rolling chairs!

13. Personal Memories Decor

Photo wall dorm room.

University is a place where unforgettable memories are made. This dorm owner decided to print their captured moments and use them as wall decor. How cool do the photos look with the hanging lights?

14. Sweet and Dreamy

Purple canopy bed dorm room with hanging lights.

It wouldn’t be hard to get cozy and comfortable in this room. Soft colours, sheer canopy, starry lights, and a mountain of pillows create a comfy area to lay your head down and enjoy a nice nap! The personalized photos are also a great touch!

15. The Functional Bedroom

An image of a busy, but functional dorm room.

This group dorm is quite busy, but there is definitely space for everyone! It is the perfect hangout pad. There are beds accompanied by a couch on the bottom bunk, a desk, tables, and a bottom bunk walk-in closet—everything a student needs in a dorm room!


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