The Easiest And Most Elegant Makeup Look Of This Season

monochromatic elegant makeup

As fashion has its trends, it’s the same with makeup. The trend this season is a very simple makeup look, but at the same time so elegant– monochromatic makeup. Have you heard about it?

It is focused on using only one color to create a full-face makeup look. The colors that work well with that look are pink, dusty rose, red, nude, brown, bronze and orange. All of them will look great on all eyes, cheeks and lips. Choose carefully a color that matches your skin tone, so you can apply it all over. If you like experimenting or you want to be more colorful you can go for colors like purple, green or black.

This trend is ending the usual hesitation about combining the right colors. Choose one color range and use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips. A useful trick is to combine your makeup products in duos or trios of the same or close colors. You will no longer spend time wondering which exact products to use because they will be already prepared.

The monochromatic makeup look is a great choice when you are running late or you don’t want to spend time on your makeup. Just grab your already prepared trios and go for it. It gives you a chic look and it is an easy way to wear trendy colors because sometimes it is not that easy to add them into your everyday routine.

monochromatic elegant makeup

To achieve that look, start by doing the usual. Prepare your skin by applying a primer or moisturizing cream. Then go for your BB/CC cream or foundation. Put some concealer if needed to brighten up your undereye area or cover some blemishes. After that, we complying it on your eyes, cheeks and lips. You can also use the same on your nails if you have a matching nail polish. Another advice is to use different Intensity of the colors. You can create beautiful smoky eyes only with one color palette. Finish that look with mascara, to define open up your eyes.

The monochronic makeup look is so trendy this season, we have seen it many times on the red carpet as well. So, it is celebrity-approved!

monochromatic elegant makeup

If you want to wear trendy colors and create a gorgeous makeup look without worrying about if the colors are mixed properly, try the monochromatic makeup look.

What do you think about that trend? Have you already tried it?

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