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Eva Redpath: Empowering Women To Take Action

From performing around the world, to becoming a business owner and the face of a YouTube show, fitness expert Eva Redpath proves that you can bring your dream career to life.

Eva Redpath

Ever wanted to try that gym that just opened up around the corner or take a new type of workout class in the city, but let fear get the best of you? Fitness expert Eva Redpath is here to help.

As the host of Coral TV’s YouTube show Get Fit in the City, Eva takes those classes and tries those exercise that you’ve been wondering about. She gives you ‚ first-hand experiences and reviews in each episode, through your computer screen, removing the risk of that unknown ‚first experience.

She joined Coral last summer, and Get Fit in the City debuted in October. Eva’s featured a wide variety of workouts, from pole dancing and jock yoga, to zumba and cross-fit training. For Eva, it’s a great way to share knowledge and encourage women to get active and explore what the city has to offer.

Coral TV was founded by Kit Redmond, with her concept of a company that was inspired by the intricate network of a coral reef. When separated, each piece of coral
is not much on its own, but when they work together, they create a strong community. Eva is one of Coral TV’s 10 hosts, joining other talented personalities, such as hair stylist Rose Huggett and internet guru Casie Stewart. They each offer something completely different, but work harmoniously as a whole and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. “It’s truly an honour to be part of such an amazing network and to be given the opportunity to share what I’m so passionate about,” she says.

Eva Redpath

Eva is the company’s go-to ‚fitness expert, giving different workout routines a test drive. With more than 25 years of technical dance and‚fitness training, plus 15 years of on-camera experience, she’s the perfect person for the job. Before joining Coral, she focused on a performing career, travelling across Canada and even working with companies overseas, including Habitat for Humanity in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. It was from these enriching experiences that she began her journey of self-discovery.

“Throughout my travels, I had an epiphany, realizing it’s not about ‚finding yourself,” she says, “it’s about creating yourself and that all the answers lie within you.”

She wanted to share her realization with other women and motivate them to be adventurous and active. She started working with other businesses and brands, such as Lululemon Athletica, Nike and Kellogg’s Special K, to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Although Eva enjoyed supporting and collaborating with different companies, her own business ideas began to take shape. So she asked herself three questions: What do I love to do? How can I do more of it? How can I make a living doing what I love? The answer to all of the above: Body Conditioning by Dancers (BCBD).

BCBD is a women’s-only program that fuses dance training with a positive and motivating group-class structure. She leads a fun and exhilarating class that combines carefully constructed choreography with physical and mental strength training. She came up with the concept of BCBD, with a goal to create the career of her dreams.

Eva believes it’s important to “first start by defining success and what it means to you.” Pair that with determination and hard work, and it’s a winning combination. “I’ve dedicated my life and career to being a life-long learner, educator, role model and a major influence in the field of motivating young women to seize control of their personal development,”she says. “The journey continues.”

She followed her dreams and is now encouraging other women to do the same, through her show on Coral and her company BCBD. Eva is living proof that passion is the key when tackling your goals. It can truly take you anywhere.

Eva Redpath

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