FAQs About i-Ready Assessment And Learning Programs

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Many parents have questions about i-Ready. Some want to know if it will harm student achievement. Others wonder if it will replace teachers. To get a better feeling for this program, it helps to understand some of these frequently asked questions.

What Is It?

i-Ready is a program that uses a diagnostic test to provide a personalized learning experience. The program creates a unique learning program for students between kindergarten and eighth grade. Students start by completing the diagnostic exam and then receiving their personalized lesson plans. Additionally, teachers can adjust or add items to a plan to help students stay on track with the rest of their class.

What Is Its Purpose?

The i-Ready math and reading program aims to give students personalized instruction that meets all learners’ needs. It helps teachers easily plan instruction, set student goals, and assess learning progress. The diagnostic exam results provide teachers with the information they need to help each student get the most out of their lessons.

Is It Bad for Student Achievement?

The i-Ready program is not harmful to student achievement. The diagnostic test and personalized lessons are grounded in research that is proven to enhance achievement. It does this by providing teachers with the tools they need to ensure each student is successful. No negative impact on student achievement has been found from this program. Research has actually shown that it can boost the achievement of students who struggled with traditional learning environments.

What Is the Diagnostic Test?

The diagnostic test is how the program creates an adaptive learning plan. The test adjusts as a student works on it, so it understands the learner’s individual needs. That means each test will be unique based on how a student is doing. For instance, several correct answers will yield harder questions. The test will adjust itself so that all students find it challenging. This is similar to a vision test in that incorrect answers, or blurry letters, lead to the correct prescription being provided. The test will even be able to find an area that needs support for advanced students. The results yield the information your child’s teacher needs to provide a personalized lesson plan.

How Does It Provide Targeted Instruction?

This program provides instruction and assessments for students. At the beginning of the year, the diagnostic test will help teachers plan their curriculum and generate personalized lesson plans. A mid-year diagnostic test will help teachers monitor student progress and make any necessary adjustments. This is often combined with teacher-led classes that help meet specific students’ needs. It is in use in many classrooms.

Can You Use It at Home?

Students can use the i-Ready program at home. Teacher-student relationships are crucial to how this program is designed. However, this relationship has been changing recently. With the development of remote and hybrid classes, students can still interact with their teachers from home. This can help teachers and families ensure that students get the most out of their education, even when they work from home.

Can Homeschoolers Use It?

This program is only available for use by school districts and similar institutions. Although individual families cannot purchase the program, they can get the login information and i-Ready answers from their local school district and use it at home.

Does It Replace Teachers?

The i-Ready program does not replace teachers. It is designed as a support tool for teachers so they can ensure their students’ success. By using this program, teachers will spend more time with each student and provide a better learning environment.

i-Ready is a program that provides personalized instruction to help students get the most out of their education. By understanding more about this program, you will be ready to support your child and their teacher when they need to use this program from home.

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