Ahhh, Fresh New Books For Spring

If you’ve had trouble fitting in, fought over a love who wasn’t worth it or wished you could do with a little magic to make zits disappear, here are some books you’ll love. Renew your faith in reading this spring and try something new, like graphic novels. They’re all the rage and take only half as much time to read. Besides, they’re super cool.

books for spring

Books for spring, reviewed and selected by our in-house team of rabid readers – Sydnia Yu, Linda Nguyen, Kathy Nguyen and Juia Le


Bras & Broomsticks
by Sarah Mlynowski
(Random House)
bras & broomsticks

Like many adolescents, Rachel Weinstein wishes she could just wiggle her nose, and poof, have a boyfriend, be able to dance, and be part of the A-list crowd. But Rachel actually has the opportunity to make her wishes come true when she discovers that her younger sister is a witch. Playing with magic has its setbacks though, and this tale will keep you bewitched. ~ JL

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The Mediator series has more poof! and complications with guys and dark magic. The latest is No. 6 in the series: The Twilight Mediator by Meg Cabot (Harper Collins)

MEAN GIRLS (and boys)

The Party Room: Get it Started
by Morgan Burke
(Simon Pulse)
The Party Room: Get it Started

The 17-year old girls of New York’s elite Woodley School are spitting images of Carrie and her crew from Sex and the City, as they swing their Prada bags in the direction of hot guys at the club. But the parties lose their flavour when Kirsten and friends realize their friend Sam has gone missing. As Kirsten tries to retrace Sam’s steps, a charming newcomer, a bitter ex-boyfriend and an obsessive follower begin to emerge as suspects in the first of The Party Room trilogy. ~ SY

by Natasha Friend

Isabelle Lee is like any 13-year-old: she hates her English teacher, sits at the same lunch table every day and secretly wants to be the most popular girl in school. But at home, Isabelle has secrets. Ever since her dad died, her mom has been crying every night and her bratty little sister won’t leave her alone. No one knows it, but Isabelle has bulimia. It’s only when she sees the most popular girl at school, Ashley Barnum, at group therapy that she realizes everyone has secrets. Isabelle only learns how to cope with her bulimia when she learns how to grieve her father’s death. ~ LN

Mates, Dates, and Tempting Trouble
by Cathy Hopkins
(Simon Pulse)
Mates, Dates and Tempting Trouble


What harm is there in getting to know more about your friend’s wonderful boyfriend? Or so T.J. thought until her friend’s boyfriend, Luke, falls in love with her, threatening to ruin her relationship with her gals and her own boyfriend. With the honesty and vulnerability of a teen new to the rules of love, T.J. strategizes ways to avoid the temptation of being the other girl. ~ SY

South Beach Sizzle
by Suzanne Weyn and Diana Gonzalez
(Simon Pulse)
South Beach Sizzle

Aspiring poet, Lula Cruz can’t wait to spend a summer on the sands of South Beach before she heads to college. She’s a klutz in the kitchen and at her job, and she’s an even bigger disaster magnet when it comes to guys. When her co-workers enter a local band contest, Lula comes out of her shell as a talented songwriter and stunning beauty. But her new-found confidence jeopardizes her friends’ chances of winning when she flirts dangerously with the sexy competition. ~ SY

The Ruling Class
by Francine Pascal
(Simon & Schuster)

Life is bad for Twyla Gay Stark. Her mom gave her this awful name and she’s the new girl at Highland Park High, which is nothing like her old school. Girls here are tanned and carry designer handbags. No one wants to talk to her except annoying Myrna Fry, the biggest follower and suck-up at the school. What’s worse is that Jeanette Sue, the most popular girl in school, is out to get her. But Twyla can’t help it if she thinks Jeanette’s ex-boyfriend is a hunk. ~ LN


Shredderman: Meet the Gecko
by Wendelin Van Draanen

Nolan isn’t your average 11-year-old boy. His secret identity is known only to his parents: he’s cyber superhero Shredderman. Go on a chase with Shredderman in his mission to expose the Mole for the slimy paparazzi creep he really is. It gets personal when the Mole prints lies about Chase, the boy who plays Nolan’s favourite superhero, The Gecko. Filled with cartoon pictures, this graphic novel will have you turning the pages and biting your nails to see if Shredderman can really save the day once again.
~ LN and KN

Another great graphic novel to check out: Alia’s Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq by Mark Alan Stamaty (Knopf)


Shaking Hands with Shakespeare
by Allison Wedell Schumacher
(Simon and Schuster)

“Nothing will come of nothing.” Say what? If that line from King Lear has you scratching your head, then this book about Shakespeare is for you. If you really want to learn Shakespeare (or are forced to in school), don’t just read the plays and call it quits. This book is filled with tons of activities that will teach you more about the plots and the writer himself! ~ LN


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Looking for real-life adventure? Try Survivor series books by Erica Pass(Simon Spotlight) where you choose the outcome. Look for Thailandand Marquesas.


Last Sam’s Cage
by David A. Poulsen
(Key Porter)
Last Sam’s Cage

David A. Poulsen writes a captivating story of a troubled teen, Eddie Slater, who runs away from an abusive stepfather and finds shelter in a place he has always felt safe — the Calgary Zoo. Eddie befriends a mysteriously troubled man who visits the zoo’s playground every day, and as the story unravels through Eddie’s narration and journal entries, revelations in the story change lives. This survivor tale will leave footprints in your heart. ~ JL

books for spring


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