The Next Star Season Four Finale

By Dana Marie Krook | Photos by Jeff Stubbs

I can't believe it's already been a year since we saw Diego Gomez announced as the winner for The Next Star.But with a new year and a whole new cast of hopefuls, the Faze team was super-excited to see how it all played out in Season Four. JD, April, Parker, Shania, Milly and Charlie--everyone was looking their best at Canada's Wonderland this past Sunday for the sold-out live finale. And all the performances were fantastic!

After 3.6 million of you voted, Melissa "CHARLIE" Storwick was announced as the winner. Her prize is distribution deal with Warner Music and the Kool-Aid Jammers Ultimate Jam Space (featuring a 15” Macbook Pro, professional recording software & gear, a Songwriter Deluxe from Gibson Guitar). Congrats, Charlie!

Faze was backstage for all the rehearsals, catching up some of the guest performers (Kay, Victoria Duffield and Allstar Weekend). Check out the pics below and stay tuned for our videos from the TOP SIX!