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5 Easy Steps To Get Radiant Winter Skin

Radiant Winter Skin

Five steps to healthy winter skin

Alligator might be the accessory of choice on runways, but no one wants to be sporting the Arctic version of scaly and rough skin this season. Faze consulted with dermatologist Dr. Catherine Ruddy for simple changes to your skincare routine that can help keep your skin supple, soft and itch-free — even through a harsh Canadian winter.


Think you don’t need to moisturize? Think again. Winter air is dry, robbing your face and body of moisture it needs to look healthy. According to Dr. Ruddy, this means moisturizer is key in your winter skincare routine. “Although moisturizers don’t actually add moisture to your skin, they do form a protective barrier and seal water into the skin and keep it from evaporating.” The moisturizer you choose will depend on you — there are literally thousands of products to choose from, with a huge array of prices, scents, textures and ingredients. According to Dr. Ruddy, “Certain moisturizers contain urea and lactic acid, which are molecules that retain moisture. These can be very helpful in winter. They can be a bit irritating on faces, but good for really dry areas on the body, especially feet.” Since your body and face have different needs, reserve the heavy-duty products for your body and lighter ones for your face.


Defend your skin from damage and dryness that come from sun and wind. Even in winter, and yes, even on overcast days, leaving off sun-block will let ultraviolet radiation do a real number on your face. In the short term, this means sunburn. In the long term it will leave you with wrinkles, or even skin cancer. Dr. Ruddy usually recommends at least SPF 15 or higher, even on dark skin. That might seem like overkill, but she cautions that “sun-block ideally should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure and in a very thin layer but we don’t always use it that way. For an average day, SPF 15 is about right.” When you’re going out, protect yourself against cold wind and the potential for frostbite with gloves, scarves and hats. Dr. Ruddy advises to “cover up as much as possible and protect your skin.” You will be more comfortable and be doing your après ski complexion a favour.


When you wash, don’t scald your skin, and minimize drying by sticking with the gentlest cleansers. Most importantly, don’t throw baby-soft skin out with the bathwater — follow up showers or baths by drying off gently and applying a liberal coating of moisturizer. Dr. Ruddy notes that this should be your first step as soon as you’re out of the shower, “within 2-3 minutes of showering in order to retain the most moisture.”


The natural oil your skin produces is, in moderation, a great asset in keeping your skin hydrated but “If you have acne prone skin, when moisturizing you should go more towards moisturizers that water based and are oil free,” suggests Dr. Ruddy. Products with a lower proportion of oil to water, or no oil at all, are less likely to block pores and cause breakouts. If your skin is sensitive, watch for fragrance free products and steer clear of products you know cause irritation. Skin irritation can emerge from ingredients including lanolin, aloe or common preservatives like cetyl alcohol. Dr. Ruddy says, “People with sensitive skin should keep their products as bland as possible.”


Feed your skin right from the inside out. For a glowing and vital complexion, your face needs to be healthy even before your daily skin care routine. Fortunately the advice is the same for your skin as for the rest of your body: drink lots of water, follow a nutritious diet, and get enough rest. No amount of product can make you look healthy like actually being healthy can.

Written by Faze contributor Jody Smith

Radiant Winter Skin

Moisturizer Must-Knows

An ingredient listed in a surprising number of skin care products. According to Dr. Ruddy, “Cetyl alcohol is a preservative…some people are sensitive to it, but if it doesn’t bother you, it’s fine.”
Used to describe any ingredient that smoothes and soothes skin by preventing water loss.
An oil found on sheep’s wool. Lanolin, says Dr. Ruddy, “is not recommended, because many people do have a contact sensitivity… if you have sensitive skin, it’s probably best to avoid it entirely.”
A fancy way to say dry skin, and in case you’re wondering, it’s not an acceptable excuse for missing class.

Thanks to: Federation of Medical Women of Canada member, Dr. Catherine Ruddy.


Makeup Artist Anne Harding | Photographer Rob Dutchin | Shoot Manager – Jayne Rae
And thanks to our student models: Berkley Miller, Holly Dodson, Akina Lalla, Kat Lee and Ashley Ebner

During the holidays and those extra-special occasions, be sure to give your hair and face equal time! Don’t take yourself too seriously – experiment. Try fun colours, and new looks that express the fun and carefree side of your personality.


  Radiant Winter Skin - Kat Lee
Kat Lee is wearing:
• CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder Foundation, Natural Beige, $11.99
• Maybelline Liquid Eyes, Long Way Cabernet, $8.79
• Maybelline Forever Metallic Lites Lipstick, Mauvie Star, $9.99
• CoverGirl Fantastic Lash Mascara, Blue Black, $6.99
Hair styled by Jasmine, Marc Anthony Salon, 1918 Avenue Rd., 416-789-1212


Radiant Winter Skin - Holly Dodson
Holly Dodson is wearing:
• Maybelline Wonder Finish Clear Powder Finish Foundation,
Natural Ivory, $10.99
• Mary Kay Velocity Shimmering Eye Colour, Gold, $17.00
• L’Oreal Paris Feel Naturale Light Softening Blush, Charmed Peach, $17.99
• L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine Lipgloss, Bubbly, $9.95
• Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof Mascara, Very Black, $8.79
Hair styled by Peter, Mosaic Hair Salon, 1848 Avenue Rd., 416-787-8899


Radiant Winter Skin - Akina Lalla
Akina Lalla is wearing:
• L’Oreal Paris Feel Naturale Light
Softening Blush, Pinched Pink, $17.99
• Mary Kay Velocity Shimmeriffic Eye Colour, Blue, $17.00
• CoverGirl Eye Smoothers Liner, Onyx, $7.49
• Mary Kay Velocity Colouriffic Mascara, Blue, $15.00
• L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine Lipgloss, Jubilee, $9.95
Hair styled by Alicia, Fiorio Hair Salon, 1470 Yonge St, 416-964-1229


Radiant Winter Skin - Ashley Ebner
Ashley Ebner is wearing:
• CoverGirl True Blend Foundation in creamy natural, $13.99
• Mary Kate and Ashley Eye Glam Shadow Duo, Smashing
and Sensational, $4.97
• CoverGirl Smoothers Eye Liner, Onyx, $7.49
• L’Oreal Paris Feel Naturale Light Softening Blush, Charmed Peach, $17.99
• CoverGirl Wet Slicks Lipgloss, Sassy, $6.29
• Cover Girl Fantastic Lash Mascara, Very Black, $6.99
Hair styled by Daniel, Daniel Fung Salon, 26 Cumberland Ave, 416-966-6703


Radiant Winter Skin - Berkley Miller
Berkley Miller is wearing::
• L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup, Classic Beige, 12.99
• Mary Kate and Ashley Sequin Dust Sparkling Powder, Honey, $4.97
• Maybelline Greatwear Eyeliner, Taupe, $7.79
• L’Oreal Paris Wear Infinite Eyeshadow, Violet, $7.99
• Tony & Tina Spectrum of Colour: Face Colour Palette for cheeks and lips in bliss, shift and happy, $36.00
• L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara, Black, $8.99
Hair styled by Josee, Total Image Salon, Sherway Gardens Mall, 416-620-7871


Need Some Help With Dry Skin? Check These Out…

Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer
Hydrates winter dry skin and fights breakouts without clogging pores.
118 ml, $7.99
winter skin care - clean & clear

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Cream
This breakthrough patented formula combines natural colloidal oatmeal-rich emollients including cocoa and shea butter and cooling menthol to provide long-lasting moisturization and soothing itch relief.
312g tub, $19.99
winter skin care - aveeno

Olay Moisturinse In Shower Body Lotion
This lotion literally works in the shower to condition even after rinsing off, just like a hair conditioner, but for your skin!
250 ml, $5.99
winter skin care - olay

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion
Helps restore skin’s protective hydrolipidic film. Ingredients include: hazelnut, kukui nut, oat, orange, pea, peach and shea… mmm…sounds delicious!
200ml, $43
winter skin care - clarins

Clarins Thirst Quenching Hydra-Care Serum
Intensely restores your face’s moisture by diffusing its marine and plantbased ingredients.
30ml, $63
winter skin care - clarins

Evian AFFINITY Nourishing Velvety Body Lotion
This body milk hydrates and nourishes the skin with a unique blend of moisturizing and soothing agents including glycerin, vitamin B5 and vitaminE as well as pure, hydrating Evian water.
200ml pump, $20
winter skin care - evian

St.Ives 24 Hour Moisture Body Lotion
Formulated with Swiss Glacial Water and a Swiss Botanical blend of chamomile, primrose, sunflower and elder flower, unique to St.Ives, for natural nourishing moisture.
420ml, $5.49
winter skin care - st. ives

BONUS: Behind the scenes!

Winter Skin Photoshoot Holly, Akina, Kat, Berkley, Ashley
Student models (l to r) Berkley Miller, Holly Dodson, Kat Lee, Akina Lalla
Photoshoot manager Jayne Rae (back r), Makeup Artist Anne Harding (far right)

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