The Lazy Girl’s Guide To A Bikini Body: 10 Motivational Tips To Start Exercising

Exercising is no piece of cake. Literally. We have to deal with excessive body sweat and oily hair. Its also time-consuming and quite dangerous if you’re not sure how to workout properly – you could seriously hurt yourself! But we all know the importance of staying healthy and keeping a good physical appearance, so we tend to make a mass announcement to all our friends and family members about getting back in shape, but no one believes us because our whole spiel has been said over a dozen times with no results, and now were frustrated so were trying to prove everyone wrong, again. Its a vicious cycle that were all too familiar with.

The truth is that most girls want to have that “perfect body” without putting in much work. Although some of us actually do get started on exercising, if youre like me, youll quickly forget that you were on a 30-day workout schedule. When does this happen, you ask? Typically during your first week of trying to get back at it again.

Obviously, I dont want to remind you of your failures, or mine for that matter, but we can accept criticism so much better when we realize that others are in the same boat as us. You can battle the world, complete your school or professional work, maintain an active social life, and enjoy achievement after achievement, but you just cant get yourself to exercise.

So you have lazy girl syndromewhen it comes down to exercising, now what? Well girls, I am here to help you stay motivated and overcome the burden of exercising.

Exercise with Friends and Make it a Big Event.

Instead of thinking about how dreadful exercising will be, make it something to be excited about. Turn it into an event that youre anticipating by doing it with your friends. If you dont like working out, chances are getting off the couch is the hardest part for you. Knowing that youre about to meet your friends for an exciting group activity will get you pumped up and ready to go. After all, you get to share the pain of working out, youll laugh at each others postures during different workout positions, youll cheer each other on, and surprisingly, youll make a lot of silly and memorable moments. Make this event a regular thing between you and your friends.


Enable Your Competitive Streak

If youre like me, then you love yourself a good competition. If youre working out with your friends, bet on yourselves to see who can reach their ideal weight the fastest, but dont forget about being healthy while doing so. Now, dont go crazy by popping diet pills, drinking strange juices or starving yourself. The key word here is healthy. Lets not forget the viable option of discreetly competing with almost anyone within your vision while at the gym. If the person beside you is doing the same exercise as you, see if you can conduct the workout for a longer duration. Its all about challenging yourself and pushing yourself for improvement.

Hang out with Fitness Gurus

Remember that obnoxious friend of yours whos maintained a banging body since high school? You know, the one who never stops eating healthy and giving you unwanted advice on staying fit? Its time for you to befriend her again. The truth is that you only dislike her because she is on top of her exercise game at all times, even when shes sick, and youd just rather go out to dinner with someone who will gladly accompany you to your weekly Mediterranean buffet. The fitness guru, on the other hand, will keep you on a one-month cleansing diet and make you feel guilty about excessively drinking water; consume only eight glasses of water, you dont want to bloat. The best way to stay focused on the main goal is to be involved with a walking inspiration- your fitness-obsessed friend. Try to find more healthy and body-conscious people like her, and let them have a positive influence over your dietary and exercise habits. These friends will help you stay committed to your workout schedule because theyll be joining you at the gym, and they dont like slackers!

Sign up at a Local Gym

Sign that year-long contract thats been stopping you from hitting the gym in the first place. You may not have to exercise for too long until you achieve your goal, but youll have to continue exercising to maintain your ideal weight and to stay healthy. Trust me, you will not be missing any of those pre-paid fitness classes. In fact, you have to take every existing class at that gym just to make it worth the money. Quite frankly, you cannot afford to abandon your daily workout midway through. That is not an option. Signing up at the gym is bound to keep you motivated and keep you coming back.


Listen to Loud Music

Why not enjoy a little concert while youre working out, starring my favourite person, YOU! Treat every workout as a dance move, with you performing and the imaginary crowd cheering you on. Mind you, this nonexistent crowd appears to be very real when youre close to collapsing from a difficult workout. Create a playlist on your phone dedicated to your workout sessions, and fill the playlist with EDM and house music to get you going. I know what youre thinking while youre at the gym: This is so annoying. Im here sweating my life away with every exercise, while others are out enjoying their summer.I know youre thinking this because I think it too. But if you want these negative thoughts to fade away, you need to dive into your own little world. So, turn that volume up and have yourself a dance party while youre working out.


Surround Yourself with Motivation

Instead of watching videos offering step-by-step workout instructions for exercises youll never get yourself to do, create a workout inspired motivational collage. You can have pictures of motivational quotes on your phone and computer screen, so that youre always inspired wherever you may be. Cover your room and mirror with pictures of your ideal body type and maybe some of your favourite celebrities. I know I look up to Beyonce on my bedroom wall every time I need workout inspiration, she always manages to get me focused on my game plan.


Exercise Helps You Procrastinate

Use exercise as an excuse to put off other academic or work related tasks. Youre overwhelmed and stressed by all the things you have to complete by the end of the day, so why not just get the stress out of your system by exercising, releasing some endorphins, leaving you happy and filled with positive energy. Plus, you needed a reason to get out of the house anyway so you wouldnt have to confront your busy desk, right?

Buy Clothes that don’t Fit You, yet

We all hate it when we go to our closet in hopes of grabbing a tank top, only to find that it doesn’t fit anymore. Do not go out and buy yourself clothes that are your current size. Instead, buy all the cute trendy clothes that fit your ideal size. This way you are bound to obsess over your daily workout, as youre hasty to fit into your cute, newly-bought clothes. If youre a fabulous queen with an immaculate fashion sense, you know this one is going to get you. Youre always on top of the most recent fashion trends, but how can you maintain your reputation if you don’t have the latest and greatest of the season in your size?  Get to work!


Buy Some Cute Workout Outfits

Clearly this contradicts my advice about refraining from buying any clothes, unless you buy them in your ideal size. However, theres a method to all this craziness. If youre left with nothing to wear in your closet, youre bound to make use of these cute workout apparels. I know weve all indulged in the typical Im running errandsoutfit all seven days a week just because we can, but lets try to actually make use of these outfits for real sweat-dropping exercises. After a while, youll get tired from wearing cute workout gear if youre not actually hitting up the gym. So, once you do decide to get off the couch and step up to the plate, youll want to do it in style because looking good means everything to us ladies. Yes, even when were working out at the gym we have to do it in style

Set a Goal, Achieve it, and Reward Yourself

Try setting a goal to achieve your ideal body weight within a specific timeframe and plan on rewarding yourself after your big achievement. Start making a list of all the things you want to splurge on once you rock your ideal size. Think of these lovely material things as youre working out and keep yourself motivated. If you have a prize on your mind, you will definitely work up the sweat hoping to fasten the journey to your reward. Remember that expensive designer bag youve been eyeing for a couple of months now? Start making some closet space because you are bringing in an additional family member to your purse collection, of course, when youve reached your ideal goal that is. In the meantime, enjoy the view in your closet.

These tips are guaranteed to work, just try and make the effort. The sooner you act, the sooner you get a bikini body for the summer!


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