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How To Choose The Perfect Sports Bra

Sport Bras

Finding the right sports bra can be the difference between your best workout and no workout! When you’re in the wrong bra, you know it: you’re uncomfortable, you’re distracted and you can often experience chest pain, which can ultimately lead to long-term damage.

Faze got to chat with a Nike sports bra specialist to get the goods on choosing the right sports bra. If your bra is not fitting properly or not the right style for the activity you’re participating in, then you’re already at a disadvantage.

Bra Basics

1) Choose a bra that supports your sport:
– Light support for low-impact activities that don’t involve a lot of “up-and-down” movements like walking, yoga, pilates, barre
– Medium support for activities like running, cross-training, weight-training, tennis, spin
– High support for high-impact sports like basketball, boxing, soccer, running, jumping rope
2) Get your bra refitted every 6-12 months: your body shape/size/weight might have changed in that time, plus there is normal wear-and-tear on the bra depending on how often you’re wearing it
3) Ultimately, listen to your body and find the bra that is most comfortable for you! You shouldn’t be distracted by your bra.

How To Test Your Sports Bra For The Right Fit

1. Slide two fingers under the strap: if it’s comfortably “snug” it’s a good fit. Avoid too loose or too tight.
Sports Bra

2. Slide two fingers under the band: if it’s comfortably “snug” it’s a good fit. Avoid too loose or too tight.
Sports Bra

3. Twist: make sure there’s no cinching or pinching.
Sports Bra

4. Raise your arms above your head: if your bra shifts, it may be too big. You want the band to stay snug around your mid area.
Sports Bra

5. Bend forward and touch your toes: you should not be “falling out”of your bra.
Sports Bra

6. Jump up and down: you should be supported and not experience any pain or extreme movement.
Sports Bra

Model: Mikeila Grace, member of Team Faze! 

Photo credit: Nike, Jenna Wakani

TeamFaze at a BraHaus Event!

#TeamFaze 2017 is training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, so loved getting insight into the perfect sports bra…and of course took advantage of fun stations and girl-time!



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