Issue 01: Letter From The Editor – And So It Begins!

Faze Issue 1 Cover - Premier Issue - Hilary RowlandModel and teen web entrepreneur Hilary Rowland on the cover of the premier issue of Faze Magazine!

FAZE has listened and learned. Yes, you care about how you look. Yes, you want to be on top of the latest everything. AND YES, YOU HAVE OTHER INTERESTS!!

Faze Magazine is written for the mind that has opinions, can see the big picture and knows it has places to go and worlds to discover. We pledge to keep you informed, to provoke your thought and to keep you entertained while we do it!

The concept of this magazine came to me from my brother, Anthony. Well, not exactly. I wanted to get him a subscription to a hip teen magazine that wrote about real issues and I couldn’t find any out there.

So, I decided to publish my own! I hope Faze Magazine offers you the ‘more’ that you’ve been looking for. I’d love to hear from you. even the bad stuff, so write to me or visit our website at www.fazeteen.com.

Good Reading!

Lorraine signature

Lorraine Zander

Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine


To all my family and friends who gave of their time and expertise. To my bro who holds me to a higher standard and makes me a better person. To my mom and sis who had faith enough to invest in me. To my dad whose advice is priceless. To my other other dad for his quiet support. To the “Z’s” who encouraged me to dream. To Sabrina who will hopefully read this is ten years. And to my loving (and very patient) husband who has made this all possible and whom I could not live without. Thank You.
— LZ

Letters To The Editor

Faze welcomes letters to the editor.
Please send (with age and where you’re from) to editor@faze.ca

Faze reserves the right to edit for length and clarity.

From Faze Magazine Issue #1

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