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The Art of Evolution, Breaking Up, Moving On – three articles on one central theme: CHANGE. The Moffatts, Everclear and Sky will tell you all about it. After all, they’ve all gone through more than their fair share of risk, upheaval and self-doubt. But why? After sitting in on all the interviews it became evident that they couldn’t afford not to. They all realized what was at stake: the loss of fans, friends, fame and fortune. But in the end, they decided they had to be true to themselves. Dave, from The Moffatts, says it well, “You don’t have to care about what other people think as long as you know you’re doing what’s right for you.” Seems easy enough, but it takes a whole lotta guts. They all make it clear that success will come from staying real.

Not the empty kind of success affiliated with fame and fortune but the real stuff – the success that comes from making tough decisions that result in a better you. Faze Magazine is also undergoing tremendous change! After a very successful first year (thanks to our dedicated readers!) Faze is gearing up for the big leagues. Our next issue will be almost double in size and we will have a circulation of 500,000 (that’s a lot for us and actually the third largest print run in all of Canada!) In response to some of your requests (or should I say demands – some of you can be quite, um, aggressive!) we will be including even more fun, fashion and entertainment articles. Of course, we will maintain our more ‘real’ content and not fall into the ‘we think teens are mindless’ trap of some other publications.So, continue to let us know what you’re thinking – ’cause that’s what we’re about!

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine

Letters To The Editor

What’s the matter with everybody? Can’t anyone tell right from wrong anymore? Your article (The Napster Phenomenon, Fall 2000) was the millionth article I’ve read that defends robbery! Sure it (Napster) might cut out the middle man and lead to great and wonderful things, but today, right now, it’s still robbery. Artists aren’t getting paid for their work because self-serving people like Fanning (founder) think they should give it away for free. I still believe the means to the end does matter – and so should you.
—Nick, 18, Calgary, AB

Editor’s Note: Better read the article again. The piece clearly states that Napster users are breaking current copyright rules. The real issue addressed was the seeming decline for the need for record companies as artists can now reach their audience through digital file sharing.

I liked your Napster article. Downloading free music is amazing. I can listen to so many different styles and artists that I never, ever would have heard or ever bought CDs from. At least I know now if I’m about to buy a CD it’s gonna have more than one good song on it. By the way, I’d like to see some more stories on music in your magazine.
—Sajit, 15, Surrey, BC

Editor’s Note: We read your mind! This issue has stories on Everclear, The Moffatts and Sky.

Thanks for your debate on equality (Enforcing Equality With Quotas, Fall 2000), although I still don’t see the point of debate. ‘Reflect Canadian society’, ‘enforcing quotas’, ‘identifying barriers’, what does this mean? People should be hired if they are the most qualified person for the job. Period. If I am ever in a fire, I don’t want to be worrying about if the ‘quota filler’ is coming to my rescue. Since when does being second place get you first prize?
—Susan, 17, Cyberspace

Editor’s note: Based on all the other responses to this article, you seem to be in the majority.

The article, ‘No Quick Fix’, (Fall, 2000), reminds us that many street kids are there as a result of physical, sexual or psychological abuse. I believe this. And I feel sorry for them. But, I still don’t understand why they can’t get a job! When I see a young healthy person with an outstretched cup I just can’t bring myself to drop in my loonie that I earned mopping floors at KFC!
—Derek, 16, Toronto, ON

Editor’s note: I would love to hear suggestions to help solve this problem. Maybe this is a good topic for a future debate article.

Cover of Faze MagazineNice article on Juliette Powell (Fall, 2000.) Glad to know she’s as nice as she seems to be on T.V. She was the best VJ on MuchMusic, but, uh, what happened to her? Haven’t seen her in months…
—Erinn, 15, Victoria, BC

Editor’s note: Actually, she moved to the CityPulse24 news channel, trying to broaden her talents yet again. (I think she still hosts Much’s French Kiss segment.)

I’d love to see more fun stuff in Faze. Don’t become a CosmoGirl but I think you should squeeze in some horoscopes, quizzes, fun lists and stuff. I’m liking that you don’t have a zillion ads and your stories don’t get chopped up and spread all over the magazine.
—Jeremy, 17, Jonquiere, QC

Editor’s note: As we grow in size we’ll find room for more of what our readers are looking for.

Get involved! FAZE is always looking for creative minds! If you’ve got great article ideas, photos or illustrations we want to see them!

Faze welcomes letters to the editor.
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From Faze Magazine Issue #4

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