Issue 05: Editor’s Letter

Cover of Faze Magazine
Human Cloning on the cover of  Faze Magazine!

You’re a teen, which means you’re only interested in the latest videos and how to get your hair to look just right. No?

We didn’t think so.

When 17 year old, Vanessa Rodriguez, was interviewed by CTV National News, she sent a message that was loud and clear, “I am insulted by the fact that people think that’s all we want. We are not air-heads, we are a generation of creative thinkers and analyzers and we deserve substantial things to read.”

Faze is listening and is written for the mind that is opinionated, complex and demands to be challenged. We are constantly evolving as we receive your letters and will continue to grow into a magazine that truly reflects what you’re about.

When I recently walked into a Toronto high school for suggestions on who should be on the front cover of this issue, I was bombarded with ideas that ranged from Kittie to Vince Carter to Bill Gates. With such diversity it didn’t make my decision any easier and I realized that was the point: we weren’t dealing with clones but individuals with a wide range of interests.

With each new idea offered up, the differences in personalities made it clear that Faze was on the right track. Be unique, stay true to yourself and see where it leads you.

We hope we’re headed in the right direction and would love to hear your comments and critiques. We’re still listening.

Good Reading!

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine

For my Mom:
When I’m wrong, you let me have it. When I’m down you pick me up. When I’m hungry, you feed me and when I’m in need you are there – over and over again. It’s hard to express all that you are and all that you mean to me, but for all that you have done I want to simply say, thank you and I love you.


Letters To The Editor

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Please send (with age and where you’re from) to editor@faze.ca

Faze reserves the right to edit for length and clarity.

From Faze Magazine Issue #5

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