Issue 06: Editor’s Letter (and Your Feedback)

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Enough talk!

Over the past few months I’ve received a lot of rants about school. Not enough extra curricular activities. No school spirit. Lo-tech classrooms.

These are very important issues but ranting is not enough. We can no longer afford to wait for the government, parents or teachers to do something about it. If we want things to change then we have to get involved! We have to stop complaining and DO something about it!

Like what? Like anything! How about holding fundraisers to buy new team uniforms or computers? How about organizing tutorial sessions where senior students help struggling students? How about getting a petition signed and sending it to local MPs?

The point is: we’re not powerless!

It’s easy for all of us to shift responsibility and allow ourselves to be victimized. Obviously there are things beyond our control but for those that aren’t – Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!!

Good Reading!

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine


Letters To The Editor

In your global issues section you talk about the “bushmeat trade” in Western Africa (Back to School, 2001). You state they are eating everything from gorillas to parrots to elephants. Is this any different than our eating pigs, chickens and cows? I think before we get outraged by what our global neighbours are doing, we should pay attention to what’s happening here at home! I’m a very healthy vegan and don’t see why we need to “farm” animals so we can slaughter them and eat them.
–Derrick, 18, Alberta

Who cares what he CBSC (Canadian Broadcast Standards Council) says (Back to School, 2001). There is NO WAY that pro-wrestling is a sport! Are they kidding? There are kids on my street that bash each other with chairs, rocks, books and anything else they can find, screaming, “You’re going doooownn!” If that’s what they call a sport I’d rather be a couch potato!
— Cynthia Brookes, 17, Saskatoon, SK

The tragic death of Owen Hart is NOT to be blamed on the WWF or Pro Wrestling in general (Back to School, 2001). I am a HUGE female wrestling fan and I probably know more about the Wrestling industry than you do. Owen Hart flies down the ring from the rafters because that is part of his gimmick. And for those of you who do not LIKE the direction that Professional Wrestling has taken then the solution is simple…DON’T WATCH! I hate to sound rude but there it is.
–Terri, Cyberspace

I would just like to give you props on your awesome Canadian magazine. You bring world issues and hard-hitting news to the awareness of teens and all ages. I love the global issues section. Some of the stuff that I read I was shocked and appalled that stuff like that goes on in the world. Thank you so much for being different and writing what you believe in.
–Bailey, 19, Brockville, ON

I would like to thank you for the article you published on cloning. It’s refreshing to read a teen magazine and feel a little brain buzz rather than feeling a little self-conscious about my hair.
–Kayla Ogden, BC


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