Issue 09: Editor’s Letter (and Your Feedback)

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Well, it’s been a little while but I’m back in school again: I’m taking some university courses (at Ryerson U in Toronto) to help me put together the best magazine possible.

I find my biggest problem now is making time for everything. I want to hang out, play sports, work out, party, get a great magazine to you and still do well in school. Although some people say you can’t do it all, I think you can. It comes down to how we manage our time and what we set as our priorities.

What we are good at is proportionate to how much time we put into it. We’re probably all party experts by now but might not be as fit as we would like or getting the marks we want because we don’t spend enough time at them.

Lorraine Zander - Faze Magazine Editor - Ryerson Student

It’s easy to find excuses why we’re not where we want to be. No more! This is a new year and we have to take control and responsibility for ourselves. First of all, we better know what we want, which means setting goals. Be specific and realistic. “I want to get better marks,” is not good enough. Try “I want to increase my mark in Chemistry by 6%.”

Next, set up a schedule you can live with and stick to it. Again, be specific. And remember if what you set for yourself is not working, be flexible, throw out what doesn’t work and keep adjusting your plan until you’re seeing results.

The point is we can’t just let things happen. We have to make them happen.

Have a great year and…

Good Reading!

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine


Letters To The Editor

I really like the way you interview bands and talk about real stuff not just their music! I love Simple Plan and though what they said about bullying (Summer 2002 issue) was great. Oh yeah, and the one about Shakira being proud of her culture (Spring 2002 issue) was awesome, too!
–Allyson, 14, BC

Thanks for the great article on Pink (Summer 2002)! I feel the same way! I know people at school expect me to have a bad attitude and cause trouble, so half the time I give them what they want even though it’s not really want to do.
–Keisha, 15, Toronto

Ed rocks! His column is one of the first things I look for and he never lets me down! I’ve sent in a few e-mails asking him to marry me but I haven’t heard back yet!!! But I won’t give up!
–Sue, 16, Edmonton

How can you have Ed the Sock in your magazine (which I think is great by-the-way)? He is Canada’s Howard Stern incognito! He may have some cute comments in Faze but some of his other stuff is really offensive.
–Tina, 15, PEI

Your article on Bear Bile Farming (Summer 2002) really got to me. I can’t believe what goes on sometimes! Thanks for publishing stuff worth reading.
–Keving 18, Winnipeg

Thanks for your “Pleather Please” article (Summer 2002) really got to me. Ever since I found pleather two years ago, I don’t wear leather because I think it’s cruel and hopefully more people will feel the same and make the switch.
–Kristal, 15, Montreal

I’m surprised at Anna’s “horror” that people eat dogs (Letters to the Editor, Summer 2002). Has she never watched Survivor or Fear Factor? It’s more a matter of what we can stomach mentally rather than physically. And of course, what’s acceptable in our culture.
–Mike, 17, Cyberspace

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From Faze Magazine Issue #9

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