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I can’t take it anymore.

I’m hearing a lot from you guys about the pressures you deal with, like doing well in school. PIERRE BOUVIER, the lead singer from SIMPLE PLAN, says he remembers “a lot of arguments” when he decided to abandon university [see Pressure to Succeed]. Then there’s the pressure to look THIN AND PERFECT [see A Growing Problem], so you’re forced to watch what you eat, and you find yourself feeling guilty if you ask for EXTRA BUTTER for your popcorn at the movies. And of course, there’s the classic pressure to wear the right thing [see pg. 44 for a debate on what to wear], or your “FRIENDS” may pretend they don’t see you in the hall (even though you’re jumping up-and-down waving your arms).

It seems that everyone has these EXPECTATIONS of who you should be. Maybe your parents think you should be well educated, get a great job and raise 2.4 KIDS. And maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend thinks a few less pounds would put you into the ‘SUPER-HOTNESS’ category. Or maybe your friends think you wearing THE LATEST GEAR will get them all into the ‘popular’ crowd, or worse, the wrong gear will keep them all out! Whatever the reason, you’ve got all these people pulling you in every direction — except the one you really want to head towards. But how do you PLEASE THEM ALL? You can’t. But you still try your best to make everyone happy, and the pressure builds. When you fail one of them, you try harder, and the pressure builds SOME MORE. Until…who knows? You find yourself a MISERABLE WRECK? You don’t want to live another day?

You’ll NEVER be able to fulfill everyone’s dreams. So whose do you choose? It has to be your own.

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine

Faze Girls Photo Shoot, Joy Olimpo, Maya Chendke, Jayne Rae, Alicia Cox
Always keep a quality bunch of pals around you. Faze friends from our photoshoot, from left: Stephanie Colliver (model), Me, Maya Chendke (editorial assistant), Jayne Rae (assistant publisher), Alicia Cox (stylist/Faze writer) and Joy Olimpo (model and host of GirlzTV).

Letters To The Editor

Props to you guys. It’s about time someone noticed that Missy RULES!! [Women Who Rule, Winter 2003]
Kris, 15, Burlington, ON

Missy Elliot

I love the Much VJs but how come no one had Britney on their list [Women Who Rule, Winter ‘03]? How can they talk about influential females without mentioning her? Whether they like her or not, she’s today’s Madonna. She influences millions of girls on what they wear, how they style their hair, and even on how they think about sex. She rules!!
Kaitlan, 16, Jasper, AB

I hope lots of people read your Letter From the Editor [Winter ’03] where you talk about what makes people happy. It sure isn’t money or fame. I wish I could have my mom back. She died in February.
Carissa, 14, St.John’s, NL

Why do an article on Flash Mobs [Winter ’03]? When you print this kind of stuff, morons who never even heard of it before will now want to try it out with their friends.
Jason, 17, Toronto, ON
Editor’s note: Lighten up—real flash mobs are fun, harmless and entertaining.

Great article called Scam Alert [Winter ’03]. I showed it to my wanna-be model friend who was about to pay this “agency” for a portfolio. She read the article and lots of things sounded familiar, especially the pressure tactics, so she backed off. I think you did her a favour and saved her some money. Thanks.
Sarah, 16, Winnipeg, MB

I just want to comment on your article, “Is high school preparing you for the real world?” [Back-to-School ’03]. I wonder if teachers realize what’s going on in our little minds while they’re supposedly “building our future” and “preparing us for the REAL world.” The sound of crickets chirping comes to mind…They need to smarten up, literally, and look at things from a student’s point of view. I know we don’t always have the most mature look on things, but we aren’t stupid.
Maria, 15, Cyberspace


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