Issue 17: Editor’s Letter

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Who do you want to be?

I’m not talking about switching places with some mega-rich celeb or athlete — although that could be fun for a few days (okay maybe years) — I’m talking about what KIND of person do you want to be?

Too often we get settled in our skin. We get used to the way things are and before you know it, another school year is over and we really haven’t ACCOMPLISHED a thing. If you think about it, part of the problem is that we haven’t clearly stated what it is we want to accomplish! We start school every year just wanting it to be OVER, and when it is nothing much has changed.

So, who do you want to be? Really think about it — and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! You’ve got to DO or nothing changes. If you FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT AN ISSUE like animal rights (see Speaking For Those Who Can’t, pg. 18), then pick up the phone and volunteer your time. Be that person who is MAKING A DIFFERENCE. If you’re tired of all the alienating cliques in school then change things starting with yourself — get to know someone outside of your standard group of friends, open yourself up to people with NEW INTERESTS, GOALS AND VALUES (see Black Eyed Peas, pg.20) and become the open-minded, cosmopolitan person you’ve always wanted to be.

Maybe you see yourself as some kind of super-something; celeb, athlete or musician? Then DO something EVERY DAY that gets you closer to your goal. Do you think Madonna, Michael Jordan and Bill Gates are just lucky people? Maybe. But for sure they’re people who had A DREAM, A GOAL, A MISSION and then they went for it! With every passing day they did something that got them closer to becoming who they wanted to be.

Set your sights on what it is you want and make it happen. Starting today.

Good Reading!

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine

Faze Girls: Surya Bhattacharya, Jayne Rae, Holly Dodson, Ashley Ebner, Berkley Miller
Faze girls live to have fun. The team (from left): Surya Bhattacharya (associate editor and power-house of laughs and giggles), Jayne Rae (“I’m game for anything,” assistant publisher), Holly Dodson (‘have fun while you can’ Faze girl), Ashley Ebner (‘life’s too short to be serious’ Faze intern), Berkley Miller (‘girls just wanna have fun’ Faze girl).


Letters To The Editor

How can you debate if graffiti is art or vandalism [Graffiti, Issue 16]? If you write on, paint on, deface in any way, property that isn’t yours then it’s vandalism. No debate.
Jenna, 19, West Bank, BC

Avril cover issue 16

Thanks for your spread on Tobago [Issue 16]. I never even heard of the place before and now I want to visit it. I love anything to do with traveling. You should have more.
Kaitlan, 16, Uxbridge, ON

Awesome article on skin [Save Our Skin, Issue 16]! There was a ton of stuff that I never knew before, like the ‘brick wall’ analogy. This is stuff I can use. Thanks.
Kasey, 14, Montreal, QC

I liked your rant about career pitfalls [Sara’s Advice For Aspiring Career Girls (In A Man’s World), Issue 16], but I didn’t agree with pitfall number 4 that says girls mistrust people too much and that’s what holds us back from succeeding. I think we’re too trusting. We believe what people say, and trust that they’ll do what they promise. I learned the hard way not to trust people so much. It’s sad but true: you can’t trust anyone!
Tanya, 18, Burned in Edmonton, AB

Editor’s note: Hey Tanya, sorry to hear you got burned, but “You can’t trust anyone,” is a pretty broad (and depressing) statement. Maybe you need to be a little more careful about who you put your faith into. Like anything else make sure you do your homework – know who you’re dealing with, find out as much as you can and then make a calculated decision keeping in mind if it works out, great, if not make sure you have a Plan B.

I really loved your article about the Olympic athletes [Dreams of Gold, Issue 16]. I’m a pretty good swimmer but wasn’t sure if I had what it takes to go the next level. I’m seriously thinking of going for it now.
Alex, 15, Toronto, ON

Okay, I just wanted to say that out of all teen magazines I have read this one is GREAT!!! I find it relieving that at least one magazine realizes that teens are concerned with a lot more than just make-up, clothes and getting a boy/girlfriend. Thank you for actually looking at some major global issues and helping to keep me informed of what’s happening around me. Keep the good work going.
Susan, Cyberspace

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From Faze Magazine Issue #17

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