Issue 23: Editor’s Letter

Issue 23 Falcon Beach
The stars of Falcon Beach on the cover of Faze Magazine!

Spring Is Here!

It’s time to forget about last year (unless it was a really good one) and look forward to bigger and brighter times.

This issue of Faze is a reminder that there is way too much awesome stuff going on around us to sit back and let life pass us by (see page 16 for a fun collage of Faze on the scene). Chris Gaylor, drummer for The All-American Rejects, says that he really wants to experience everything he can and that he’s “a pretty big fan of Earth.” Way to be, Chris! In fact, I think it’s the only way to be. We need to become active participants in life. There’s so much we can do. If you’ve got a face that no one can say no to, then maybe you should be fundraising for a great cause (see Care For Kids on page 30), or if you really want to get down and dirty, then sign up with an organization that works in the field (see A Holiday of Hope on page 32) and make your mark that way. Whatever you do, do something.

Lorraine Zander in Dominican Republic
Here I am on a break from working hard at a build in the Dominican Republic with Tanya.

On a lighter note, spring is still all about fresh starts and good times. Go through your closet and clean out all the winter stuff you know you won’t wear again (donate them to a local charity), and make room for your warm-weather gear. Be sure to mix’n’match all your flirty prints, cargo, and denim ‘cause everything goes (see page 32 for great spring looks). Get creative and let your real personality show.

As much as you take care of what’s on the outside, make sure you attend to the inner you this year. You’ll need to be healthy if you plan on taking on the world (learn about your body in our Body Basics Quiz on page 53). Make getting fit fun. Stick with what you know (for great core exercises using a Swiss ball, see page 44), or push your comfort level and sign up for something outside the norm like judo, shadow boxing, or fencing (see A Battle of Swords on page 58). Make a commitment to yourself to become a better person—leave the old you behind and work on the person you want to become.

I like the wisdom of this issue’s guest Rant columnist, Canadian Idol judge Zack Werner, “Dude, life is passing you by. Use it or lose it.” Good words to live by.

Good Reading!

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Lorraine Zander
Lorraine is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Faze Magazine


Letters To The Editor

I was really disappointed to see Hilary Duff on the cover of the winter issue. The musicians and actors you choose to cover in your magazine are often very famous yet very talent-less people like Hilary Duff. Just for a change, why not interview a lesser-known celebrity? One that is actually good at what they do.
— Gab A.

From the editor: Don’t you think “talent-less” is a bit harsh? YOU may not see her talent, but millions of others do. And perhaps her talent lies not in her singing or acting ability but her ability to market herself. 

I am 20-years-old and have recently started to be disgusted with what I see on the covers of the teen magazines at the grocery checkout. Did I really read that crap when I was 15? Yep, I sure did. Now that I’ve wisened up a bit, I realize that these teen magazines are ridiculous and train teens to be miniature adults. Anyways, I think what your magazine is doing is great. It’s real, honest and integral.
— Natalie S.

From the editor: Thanks Natalie, it’s always nice to hear we’re not crap.

I have been reading your magazine for about two years now and I love almost everything in it. One suggestion: enough about skincare already! You had skin articles in three straight issues. The articles were informative, but if you were planning something like “Save our springtime pores”, I would definitely scrap it.
— Anonymous

From the editor: Whew—we got your letter just in time!

I’m one of your biggest fans. I’m also a huge fan of Green Day. I’ve had a subscription for two years, but I never see Green Day in your magazine. Can you do an article on Green Day with pictures? I don’t have any pictures and I need some! I would love you even more if you could do this for me. Please! I’m practically on my knees begging you.
— Kirstin V.

From the editor: What could we possibly print that hasn’t already been printed?

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