Interview With Katie Starke, Miss Teen Canada

Fifty four girls and only one can be crowned Miss Teen Canada-World.

Katie Starke, Miss TCW 2008, stopped by for a little chat with Faze before the competition on July 25, 2009.


Faze: How did you get into this competition?
Katie: All my life everyone has said, “Oh, you’re so tall, you should model,” but I was always playing sports. One day I decided that I wanted to [try modeling], so I called up my dad’s friend, who was a male model, and figured out what agency he was with. So I got an agency three months before [the competition]. So, I had just entered into that. And then I was watching Miss Universe on TV and was just thinking, “I could do that.” I saw an advertisement on Facebook [for Miss Teen Canada] and I clicked on it, and from there went through the steps.

Faze: So what was it like to win Miss Teen Canada-World?
Katie: You always tell yourself “Oh, I can win this,” but when they actually say your name, it’s surreal.

Faze: Were you intimidated being at the world competition with other girls who had more experience with the process?
Katie: Not really. If you have it, you have it. It doesn’t really matter how many times you’ve done it.


Faze: What is the biggest misconception about pageants like Miss Teen Canada-World?
Katie: Just the obvious. Everyone sees a pretty girl and thinks that’s all she is, but we all do other stuff too. I go to York University, I’m in the business program there, and I play on the hockey team there. Other girls love doing charity work. They have the biggest hearts in the world. They all have more qualities to them than just a pretty face.

Faze: What can you reveal about what goes on behind the scenes that might destroy that stereotype?
People might think we’re catty but behind the scenes we’re all friends. We all talk to each other, want to get to know each other. We don’t just care about winning. It’s more than that.

 Faze: Did you keep in contact with any of the girls from the competitions?
Katie: Yes. There are a few girls who I competed with last year [at Miss Teen Canada-World] who are competing again. And most of the girls from the World competition I have on Facebook.

miss_teen_canada_katie_starkeFaze: What does the pageant’s phrase “Be your own kind of beautiful” mean to you?
Don’t be afraid to show who you are, because it’s who you are that makes you beautiful, not just how you look. I’m really athletic so I like to show that being athletic can be beautiful too. I don’t always wear dresses. I’ll be in sportswear most of the time.

Faze: So, this year you have a very strong leadership role, with 54 hopeful girls looking up to you. How does that affect your actions?
Katie: Obviously, everything I do, I do it knowing there are 54 girls watching. I like to know what’s going on, so when they ask me, I can tell them. I like to be in the loop and kind of help them out, be the leader on the floor. If anyone’s late, just hurry them up. A lot of them get nervous and I kind of play the mom role, just let them know that nerves get in the way and you’ve got to push them aside.

Faze: What do you think is the best quality in a leader?
Definitely confidence. If you are confident, people respect that and listen to you.

Faze: What do you think is the hardest thing about being on stage?
For me, it wasn’t getting nervous; it was the whole walking aspect (laughs). That’s been the hardest for me, looking comfortable. I look at videos of myself, and my arms are all stiff, and you can just tell that I’m thinking too much. It definitely helps to see yourself…then you can just self-correct.

Katie Starke with Faze Founder (and judge for the night!) Lorraine Zander

Faze: What would be your tips for making a great first impression?
Eye contact is really important. When you walk in that room for your interview, don’t stare at the floor. Walk into that room like you’re ready to conquer the world.

While she passed on her crown to the new Miss Teen Canada-World, Siera Bearchell, Katie had a great year and represented Canada well at events like the Miss Teen World pageant (where she placed sixth overall) and “Walk for the Cure.”

Siera has a great role model to look up to for her 2009 reign!

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