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The Lazy Girl’s Beauty Guide: We Give You 10 Least Effort Tips

Lazy Girl Beauty

You’re not one for complicated beauty regiments or expensive makeup and ignore “homemade” facial recipes that end up costing you more than a trip to the drugstore. So what if you forgot to shower? Bed head is chic. While it’s not a complete crisis if you’ve missed a shower or two, you don’t have to look like you’ve been living in a dumpster. While you may be low maintenance, it doesn’t mean you’re low on style.

Embrace your lazy girl ways. Take these 10 easy ways out and still look great.

lazy girls illustrationTip 1
If your hair is oily and you’re not a hat person, grab a facial cleansing pad and sweep it along your roots. It should zap some of that oil. You may want to bring extras for post gym class touch-ups.

Tip 2
All that running around (whether it’s baseball or sprinting to your locker between classes) can make your hair frizzier than a clown’s wig. Keep a bottle of moisturizer in your locker for both dry skin and out-of-control hair. Tame your crazy coif by rubbing a nickel-sized amount between your palms and smooth it over your locks.

Tip 3
Hand soap is great for both missed showers and midday freshening up. But it’s not just for your grimy hands. If your deodorant isn’t cutting it, rub some soap, sans water, into your armpits. You’ll smell better and feel cleaner.

Tip 4
Another deodorant alternative is pure vanilla extract. It won’t stop you from sweating like an antiperspirant would, but it’s all natural; it will keep you smelling sweet and it’s cheaper than drugstore options.

Tip 5
If you notice people in the bathroom bypassing the mirror to check out their reflection in your face, you may want to blot away your excess facial oil. Grab a paper toilet seat cover and press it to your nose and forehead. Toilet paper will work too for soaking up midday shine.

Tip 6
Speaking of oily skin, a quick and cheap zit cream substitute is toothpaste. Use the non-gel variety to dry out a pimple overnight after you’ve washed your face.

Tip 7
You’ve finally made it to the shower. When you’re done conditioning the hair on your head, use a little conditioner on your legs before shaving. It won’t dry out your skin like shaving cream or soap does. Conditioner is also a good idea if you’re a daredevil and shave without water.

Tip 8
While it may not be the best bet for legs, shaving cream does have its uses on your head. If you’re into hard hair, use shaving cream instead of hair gel. It has tremendous hold, and will keep that mohawk hairstyle upright.

Tip 9
If part of your look is chipped black nail polish, there’s something you should consider. Although this actually adds a step to your regiment, you should always apply a layer of clear polish under your dark one because dark polish will stain your nails. Then you’ll want to wear dark polish to cover the stains, which will stain your nails even more–it’s a vicious cycle.

Tip 10
You’re no makeup artist, but you need a bit of colour. Buy a sheer non-greasy lip gloss (something in a stick is usually best) in a rosy pink or pinky bronze and use it on your lips, cheeks and even eyes. If you’re going to use it as an eye-shadow, apply it to the inner corners for shine or the crease and outer corners for definition. And be careful not to get it in your eyes!


Written by Faze contributor Vanessa Grant

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