Hitting Back At Makeup Shamers With Half-Face Makeup Selfies

If you are an avid user on social media or even the “I’ll-check-once-a-day” user, you’ve probably seen many videos and selfies of women with makeup on only half of their face. This growing trend is an ode to all of the makeup shamers out there in the world who quote “girls who wear makeup gives them trust issues” or “this is why you should take a girl swimming on their first date”. These very debilitating statements are the sole reason why millions of girls are starting to feel insecure about wearing makeup.


Just because a girl wears makeup, doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to hide who she is. Speaking from the point of view of a woman who wears makeup, I enjoy wearing mascara because I love to enhance my naturally long eyelashes. I mean, it doesn’t take a person with an exceptionally high IQ to figure out that my eyelids are not naturally gold and my lips are not naturally cherry red. I wear makeup simply because I want to enhance my natural features and have some fun! I mean, why not?


It seems that a lot of people (ahem, or men) link women who wear makeup to having low self-esteem or dolling up to impress guys. The women who have barely shared their half-face makeup selfies and videos are reassuring everyone that this is absolutely not the case.

Before women used to get criticized for wearing no makeup and now we’re being judged for wearing Ladies, let’s stand together and shun all of these harsh criticisms! It should never be a crime to love to apply makeup. If you feel like throwing on bold eyeshadow and fake lashes, JUST DO IT. Be yourself, make your own choices, stay confident and just simply have fun with all the makeup in the world! Don’t let anyone force you to believe that you apply makeup due to personal insecurities. Makeup is art, you be the artist!


For more inspiration, check out this awesome half- face makeup tutorial by Nikkie Tutorials who does a great job slamming all of those makeup shamers out there. Enjoy!



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