McCafé Shows Off Its New Brews At Coffee “Cupping” Session

Only in Canada, you say?


We left the elevator and were met by a coffee bean trail that snaked its way through the corridors and into the spacious rooms of the Deanery (at St. James Cathedral in Toronto). Whole beans and ground coffee were displayed within the long glass table we’d soon be seated at, ready to begin a coffee “cupping session” courtesy of McCafé that proved to be nothing but extraordinary.

On a quaint display table in a bright white room lay the Indonesian coffee beans that McCafe has now integrated into their new coffee items at McCafé locations across Canada. More specifically, their new and improved espresso, latte, and cappuccino brews. With the natural lighting pouring into the room, hitting the coffee beans from all the right angles, it seemed to foreshadow the true glory of their essence.


Who knew McDonald’s coffee could get any better as it was already a fan favourite to many (including me, sorry Timmy). McCafé, likely with a fair bit of market research, continues to fine tune their beans and brews to ensure the best cup of coffee to suit Canadian tastes, which we were told fall somewhere between the weaker American brews and stronger European and Latin American preferences.

Served with soft, sweet, perfectly flaky pastries, we were led through the tasting session with Ann Parks, who described each flavour with sure confidence and accuracy. Through the brew of the Indonesian coffee beans, grown in rich volcanic soil, you can identify the earthy notes alongside subtle hints of caramel which really play well alongside the golden creaminess of each cup’s crema (that thin layer of foam on top of the coffee).

Not all things have to be bittersweet. They can just be sweet, as McCafé has worked to eliminate all bitterness from your daily cup of Joe. Who would’ve thought that could be executed? A smooth, creamy cup of coffee, made perfect to order each and every time with new McCafé coffee machines. Even the espresso, can be enjoyed without any addition of sugar. Without the bitter aftertaste, it seems to go down as smoothly as the regular coffee, with wonderful earthy notes.

Union Station and Front Street locations are the first solo McCafé locations to be opened with more to follow across the country.

Mccafe Diana Wrona coffee
Faze contributor Diana Wrona about to enjoy a McCafé espresso and the brownie that it was paired with.



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