5 Things Only The Middle Child Understands

As a courtesy to all the middle children out there who have experienced a lifetime of unfair disadvantages due to their eldest and youngest siblings, I am proud to dedicate an entire article to all of you gems!. If you’re a frustrated middle child, you’ll be happy to learn that all middle children everywhere experience your struggles too.

You can never win a sibling fight

According to your parents, you always have to obey the eldest and be super nice to the youngest, without any regard for whether or not you’re making the most rational argument. The eldest sibling may be overly bossy, and the youngest may be overly spoiled, but at the end of the day, you still have to consider it a lost fight because the sibling with the parents on their side is automatically the winner. In case you haven’t noticed, your parents are never on your team.

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Everything is always your fault

The oldest sibling has too much pride to confess to their mistakes, and the youngest sibling is too fragile to be blamed for their errors. That leaves you, the middle child, getting  blamed for everything. It’s a continuous cycle, your siblings bother you and you unfairly lose the verbal fight, ultimately get blamed for everyone else’s faults.


You Always have to share

From the minute you’re born, you’re taught to share your personal belongings with your siblings. Whether you’re constantly reusing your eldest sibling’s hand-me-downs or a new toy that your younger sibling has taken interest in.

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You’re constantly ignored

Does anyone even care that you just received an all-time record of academic achievement? Maybe, but they have a weird way of showing it. Your parents’ first love will always be their first child, and they will always have a special place in their heart for their youngest child, the baby of the family. Where does this analogy leave the middle child? Nowhere because everything you do is completely overshadowed by your other siblings’ accomplishments, regardless of how small they may be in comparison. While your siblings are constantly praised and appreciated for minimal effort, you on the other hand always have to earn your parents’ attention.


You’re the designated problem solver

Why you’ve been assigned this role baffles me. But if you’re not in the middle of the fight yourself, you always get stuck solving your siblings’ problems. In reality, you like seeing them attack each other. For once, you’re not the one getting all the negative attention. Too bad the fun is short-lived because you have to fix their issues with one another as soon as it arises.


Let’s face it, you’re pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place as the middle child and there’s nothing you can do about it other than to embrace it. Keep doing your best, keeping the peace in the house and sharing because those skills you’re learning now will help you become a high achiever, empathetic and great friend in the long run.

4 thoughts on “5 Things Only The Middle Child Understands

  1. Damaris

    All of my life I’ve been struggling even when my my big sister is gone, I still get less attention. Every time I get the blame I go to “our” room, hide under the bed and meeting the darkness. I feel that my parents will never understand the truth about me I have a lot of talent I embrace… but still they don’t see it cause they get distracted from my sisters. I’ve been hiding in the darkness for years. It feels I don’t belong in the family.

  2. i agree.being the middle child has a;ways been tough. my parents always blame me for things i did not do. my little sister is very spoiled, and my parents do not even realize it. my mom makes me shae things with my sister all the time and i ask myself”when is the last time she ever shared with me?’ and the answer is never, she never has to share with me. another thing about being the middle child no one ever pays attention to you. i have this big award wall, and my brother wrote a giant stupid on there and no one even noticed. if i were to take all my awards down, no one would even notice. plus, everyone expects you to be perfect. once i slipped on one class to a b, and my parents freaked out about, but did not bother to help me in that subject. but when my brother messes up in the class, they pay for all these tutoring sessions. it also sucks because my brother is my moms favorite, and my sister is my dads favorite. but i guess that is my life, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE. and trust me i will not look back on my child hood when i am older, cause there is nothing glorious about it to me.


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