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Movie Review: “The Host”

Choose to believe. Choose to fight. Choose to love.

The Host Movie

Based on Stephenie Meyer’s novel by the same name, The Host takes place in the future, when humans are all but extinct after an alien race invades and takes over their bodies all over the world.

Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) and her younger brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) think they might be the only humans left on the planet who aren’t infected. Then Melanie meets Jared Howe (Max Irons) and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so lonely.
The Host Movie

But then she’s captured while trying to protect Jamie from the enemy. They perform the procedure on Melanie and infuse her with the soul of an extraterrestrial named Wanderer.

Melanie struggles to remain in control of her body and tries to convince Wanderer to escape, so they can meet up with Jamie and Jared. But when Melanie’s body shows up in the dessert with the glowing blue eyes that broadcast her infection, will the ones that loved her be able to accept what she has become?

The Host Movie

Here’s the run down:

Sci-fi: If you love this genre, get ready for a whole new wave of alien drama, as these extraterrestrials politely take over the planet. Even if you don’t normally gravitate toward the ET flicks, this story is more about what it means to be human–whether that’s a good or a bad thing…

Romance: Hello, love triangle. Jared loves Melanie. Melanie loves Jared. But Melanie is now Wanderer. And Wanderer might just be falling for Ian (Jake Abel). Get ready to feel torn about who to root for.

Action: While the alien’s are set on politely and non-violently taking over Earth, the humans are hell-bent on resisting. Look for edge-of-your-seat action throughout–from high-rise free falls to intense car chases.

The Host Movie

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