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Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Cold Body. Warm Heart.

warm bodies

Based on the popular novel of the same name by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies is a film about a classic love story with a zombie twist.

Julie (Teresa Palmer) is a regular girl. She’s the daughter of General Grigio (John Malkovich), who is charged with keeping a small compound of human civilians alive in the midst of an apocalypse. Outside, the world has been ravaged by zombies.

R (Nicholas Hoult) is a regular zombie. He wanders around the deserted airport, grunting and walking slowly, having almost-conversations with his zombie friend M (Rob Cordry) and eating human brains.

warm bodies

Then he meets Julie (R and Julie–getting the hint about the classic love story?). His heart starts beating. And everything changes.

R rescues Julie from a pack of zombies, hiding her away in his airplane-turned-home. But Julie longs to return home. In order to do so, they must escape the notice of killer bonies (zombie skeletons who have lost all traces of humanity).

warm bodies

warm bodies

┬áHere’s the run down:

Drama: What creates more drama than trying to bring home a dead boyfriend for parental approval?

Humour: It’s my favourite kind of zombie movie: the spoof. The movie avoids going over the top with jokes, but constantly makes little jabs at the genre that leave the whole audience chuckling.

Romance: R and Julie’s relationship starts out slowly, but grows warmer as R comes back to life. There’s nothing like a zombie to bring back chivalry and romance to a post-apocalyptic landscape.

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