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Prom Pictures You Do Not Want To Forget To Take

Pictures you do not want to forget to take at prom.

Prom is one of those milestones that you never want to forget, so be sure you take the time to capture these memories.

In the midst of the photo session frenzy, it can be a challenge to keep track. Here are a few photo ideas you should never forget to take on your prom day. Create a checklist, so you don’t miss any of these moments.

And don’t forget to smile!

The (crazy busy) day of getting ready:

1. Once your hair and makeup is finished. I think these shots look adorable. It’s that final anticipated moment before putting your dress on.

Once you’re ready:

1. A picture with immediate family. Whether it be siblings, mom and dad, aunts and uncles, grandparents—they are all excited to see you dressed to the nines.

Prom Pics

2. If you have one, a picture with your pet. They’re excited for you too!

Prom Pics

3. A great shot of yourself. Don’t be camera shy; get your family to conduct a mini photoshoot of you. This may be the only moment you will get to be alone on this day.

Prom Pics

Pre-prom pictures:

1. The corsage picture. Get a candid picture of your date putting on your corsage and of you pinning on his boutonnière, which results in some funny pictures (the pinning part is not as simple as it looks). Take it from me: upgrade to the modern magnetic clips.

Prom Pics

2. The shoe shot. Everyone has seen the pictures of girls lifting their dresses to show their shoes; you spent time putting together the whole outfit, so flaunt the heels, girls!

Prom Pictures

At Prom:

1. A picture with your date (if that isn’t obvious enough). I always say, get a traditional one taken that will make everyone say “aww,” and then bust out something quirky that shows off your combined personalities.

Or, if you go to prom with a bunch of your girlfriends, take a cute posed prom shot with them!

Prom Pics

2. Don’t shy away from taking pictures with your other guy friends—even if you go to prom with a date. This might be the last (and first) opportunity to see the boys looking all cleaned up.

3. Family your age. A lot of us have that family friend or even cousins who went to the same school as you. This is probably someone you have grown up with and you don’t want to forget to snap a picture with him or her.

4. Fave teacher. If your teachers are attending prom as chaperones, take pictures with your favourites. They played a part in getting you where you are today and this will probably be the last time you see them.

5. Best dressed photo. We all know the class clown who wears something crazy at prom. Even if you aren’t super good friends with this person, they are expecting to be targeted for pictures.

Prom Pics

After Prom:

1. This is usually after everyone leaves prom and is heading to after parties. Whether you’re off to a weekend getaway, a house party or even a small gathering with your friends, once you’ve changed back into your everyday clothes, take a picture while you are on your way.

MORE: Prom Picture Quick Tips

1. You worked hard on coordinating your accessories with your dress; take close up shots of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

2. Don’t shy away from holding your purse/clutch in pictures. It completes the look.

3. Prom doesn’t have to feel stuffy and proper. Take cute and quirky pictures that show off your personality.

2 thoughts on “Prom Pictures You Do Not Want To Forget To Take

  1. Andre Williams-Banks (W-B Photography)

    Hello There…
    I am a photographer and I was just googling prom stuff to get some ideas for hash tags. Stumbled across your blog and found myself taking a trip down memory lane reminiscing about my prom way back in 2006. I don’t even know how old this article is but it came in handy for me. Thanks for sharing!!!


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