Should School Officials Be Allowed To Conduct Random Locker Searches?

Another in our Whaddya Think series, where we ask students for their opinions…


Should school officials be allowed to conduct random locker searches?

Student - AlonaAlona G., 14
There should be no searches without notification. It’s a privacy issue. You might have things in there that aren’t dangerous to you or others, but you just don’t want anyone to see them.
Student - AlisonAlison P., 17
It would be a good way to make us safer, however, there needs to be guidelines so our constitutional rights to privacy are still protected.
Student - MatthewMatthew P., 17
We have no rights when it comes to lockers because we don’t own them. We’re not paying any fees for them so they aren’t our private property. If you’ve got anything banned in them you’re stupid for putting it there anyway.
Student - Carly HongCarly H., 14
If there is no suspicion of a specific individual, then why violate their privacy? It is unfair to all students. Although it could prevent school violence and drugs, many people would be violated.
Student - Jessica OmandJess O., 18
I believe everyone should have their own personal space, however, if there is reason to believe there are weapons, then school officials should be allowed to do what is necessary to prevent harm to other students.
Student - NadineNadine D., 16
Yes. I believe it would make our schools a safer and healthier environment.
Student - TylerTyler P., 18
I think it would be an invasion of privacy. However, if there is a reason to suspect drugs or weapons then it would be acceptable.
Student - Rebecca HazellRebecca H., 14
It’s okay because today there’s a lot of drugs being used and there has been a lot of shootings. This would be one way to stop it and if you don’t have anything bad in your locker you don’t have to be worried, and there shouldn’t be a problem.
Student - RielRiel S., 16
If they have reasons why they think you might have something like weapons in your locker then it’s okay. But if they’re just randomly searching to see if they can find stuff to incriminate you with, then they shouldn’t be allowed to do that.
From Faze Magazine Issue #10

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