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Review: The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

He’s a force of nature.

odd-life-of Timothy Green

Imagine if the cabbage patch kids were real: sunshine attitudes and green leaves galore. Would it be kinda weird or super-cute?

The Odd Life of Timothy GreenĀ follows Jim (Joel Edgerton) and Cindy Green (Jennifer Garner) after they get really bad news from the doctor (they can’t have kids the old-fashioned way), have a good cry (followed by some wine) and dream up the kid that will never be (how many movies start with impossible wishes?). They write it all down and bury it in their garden, convinced they must move on from baby thoughts.

But in a magical rain storm, the ground opens up and out comes Timothy Green (CJ Adams): a 10-year-old boy with leaves on his ankles and a preconceived notion that Jim and Cindy are “mom and dad.”

It doesn’t take the couple long to adopt Timothy into their lives, but, as first-time parents, they aren’t sure what to make of his bad soccer skills on the field, magnet abilities for bullies and a penchance for an older girl.

Through their best efforts, the pair learn to be parents, one mistake at a time. But does not knowing where Timothy came from mean they don’t know where he’s going?

Timothy Green Timothy Green

Here’s the run down:

Fantasy: You may have to suspend your disbelief for this one: a fully grown 10-year-old slithers out of the garden and, not only is no one freaked out, but no one seems to really ask many questions. But, if you like strange tales that flip the ordinary on it’s head, then you’ve got to check this one out.

Drama: From the town’s struggles with their only source of employment (the pencil factory) about to disappear, to the mysterious friendship between a tween girl and Timothy, to the continual “Where did he come from?” question that burns in the minds of the audience throughout, there is plenty of drama to go around.

Humour: Some golden moments of humour here. Dodgeball nightmares, anyone?

THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN is now out on Blu-ray/DVD. Check it out!

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